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From Lederhosens to Mouthwatering Menus: Oktoberfest Culinary Adventures in the US

What you all know is Oktoberfest is all about beer and games, Lederhosen costumes, along with cultural heritage parades. Oh yes, it is, but apart from Lederhosens, its accessories, and dirndl, German food has its taste, which no one can resist. Their dishes are so tempting that you want to taste them before leaving. They have got a taste in their spices and dishes. 

If you ever want to taste German food, Oktoberfest is a great option to visit because they have so many German food stalls there to let attendees know about German cuisine taste. It has a different place in people's hearts. However, a German outfit is another important thing in the event as it shows the love for German culture, particularly for the Oktoberfest event. 

To fully immerse yourself in the festival environment, get your Lederhosens for men and women from Oktoberfest Wear. Check out their sale to buy something at a reasonable price. 

10 Famous German Dishes in Oktoberfest Celebrations 

Today, let's discuss the ten famous German foods apart from German outfits:

  • Hendl

Hendl is also known as "Brathendl or Gegrilltes Hähnchen." We can call it grilled chicken in easy words. It is usually prepared using mixed herbs and spices along with different seasonings. The aroma of this dish provokes the food lover to have a must on their plates. 

Hendl is a popular food offered at Oktoberfest and in other Bavarian-themed gatherings. It offers a spicy and satisfying option for people looking for a delicious lunch, complementing the German cultural event Oktoberfest. 

According to the Statista survey, around 435K roasted chickens were sold at the Oktoberfest in Munich in 2019. 

  • Kasespatzle 

Käsespätzle, also known as käsespätzle or kässpätzle, is a traditional German dish originating from the region of Swabia, which is located in southwestern Germany. It is a warm and comforting dish that consists of egg noodles mixed with cheese and often topped with caramelized onions.

This dish is often available at different stalls in Oktoberfest held in different states of the USA. Käsespätzle is a tasty and filling dish representing German cuisine's minimalism and richness. People like to have this cuisine and look for it in the fest.  This dish is as important as Lederhosens costumes in the event. 

  • Wiener Schnitzel 

Wiener Schnitzel is a classic dish, mainly originated in Austria. People from the alpine region also call it "Schnitzel," a popular German cuisine worldwide. This finest cuisine is a breaded and pan-fried cutlet that is soft and tender on the inside and crisp on the outside. 

The crispy coating and tender meat combination make it a lovely cuisine that is liked by people worldwide, especially people attending Oktoberfest. Most of the time, this dish is present in the fest.

  • Hirsch 

Venison (Hirsch) is game meat popular in many culinary traditions, especially German cuisine. Grilling, roasting, braising, or using it as an ingredient in stews, sausages, or burgers are all options. Venison dishes are often served at special events or as part of traditional events like Oktoberfest or seasonal menus.

Hirsch (venison) has a rich, earthy flavor profile and is slightly gamey. It is different from the regularly consumed meats such as beef or pork. It is regarded as a lean protein source with high nutritional value. It is one of the most common dishes in Oktoberfest.

  • Brotzeitbrett 

The Brotzeitbrett is a popular feature of Bavarian and Austrian culinary customs, especially regarding beer gardens, Oktoberfest, or casual get-togethers with friends and family. It is a social and pleasant method to enjoy a variety of spicy meals and bread.

The Brotzeitbrett idea reflects the German tradition of enjoying a leisurely lunch or snack with excellent company. It represents Gemütlichkeit (coziness and conviviality) and is often coupled with a refreshing beverage, such as German beer or cider, to improve the overall experience.

Fun Fact: You must have read or heard about the "Ein Prosit der Gemutlichkeit." We usually hear these words in the Oktoberfest, but it's not Bavarian. A musician (Bernhard Dittrich of Chemnitz) invented it. 

  • Gegrillte Ente & Spanferkel 

Gegrillte Ente and Spanferkel are celebratory foods commonly cooked for special occasions, festivals, or large events. They must be carefully prepared and cooked for the right texture and flavors. 

These meals highlight the ability and technique of grilling, resulting in juicy and tasty meats enjoyed by meat enthusiasts all around the world. They both are separate traditional dishes that are cooked by grilling the meat. Enjoy this dish in Oktoberfest all around the world starting from September - 

  • Weisswurst 

Weisswurst is popular for its delicate flavor, soft texture, and cultural significance. It is a must-try for everyone looking for a true Bavarian culinary experience. You can find them easily at any Oktoberfest event in the USA.

Weisswurst is a typical Bavarian sausage with a distinct appearance and flavor. It's a pale white sausage prepared with veal mince and bacon. The term "Weisswurst" translates to "white sausage" in English, referring to the light tint of the sausage.

  • Schweinshaxe 

Schweinshaxe is a typical German dish that consists of a roasted or braised pork ham or knuckle. It's a filling and spicy meal popular in Bavarian, German, and Central European cuisines.

Schweinshaxe is a savory and filling dish highlighting German cuisine's rich and hearty features. Its combination of crispy skin, tender meat, and the complementing side dishes results in a delectable and memorable gastronomic experience.

  • German Pancake 

The German Pancake, also known as the Dutch Baby Pancake or Pfannkuchen, is a type of Pancake that is different in appearance and cooking procedure. It is a huge, thin, puffy pancake with a soft, custard-like texture that rises rapidly in the oven.

German Pancake is a delicious breakfast or brunch choice that takes a different spin on regular pancakes. Its tremendous oven rise and light, airy texture make it a visually stunning and delectable treat. You will find lots of German pancakes at the Festival.

  • Pretzel Cheese Dip 

Pretzel cheese dip is a delicious dip that goes well with pretzels. It is also known as beer cheese dip or cheese sauce. It is a creamy, tasty sauce composed mostly of melted cheese, frequently blended with additional ingredients to enhance its flavor.

Pretzel cheese dip is a popular snack or appetizer, especially at Oktoberfest, game days, or casual parties. Its creamy and cheesy character, along with the salty and chewy pretzels, produces an irresistible combination.

List of Food Stalls at the Oktoberfest Celebrations

We have jotted down a few food stalls that are present at the Oktoberfest celebrations: 

  • Fried Sausage 
  • Sausage snack hall 
  • Fried Chicken 
  • Fried fish 
  • Dairy and baked products 
  • Cafes 
  • Standing bar (alcohol and champaign)

Did you know? 

More than 6 million people attend Oktoberfest annually and appoint around 13,000 people. It helps grow the economy.


The traditional clothing, Lederhosens, adds an authentic touch to the festivities, reflecting the rich cultural heritage of Bavaria. It creates a festive atmosphere and a sense of camaraderie among attendees, fostering a genuine Oktoberfest experience. 

But Oktoberfest in the US is not just about traditional German cuisine. It also embraces local flavors and innovative twists. Visitors can savor delectable treats from food stalls that combine German and American influences, creating a unique culinary experience. So, grab your Lederhosens, savor the mouthwatering menus, and immerse yourself in the festivities of Oktoberfest in the US.

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