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Guide to Renting the Trendiest Lederhosens for this Oktoberfest

Guide to Renting the Trendiest Lederhosens for this Oktoberfest

Are you excited about Oktoberfest? And still in a hard spot for not deciding on your German outfits for Oktoberfest themed parties or the festival. Are you low on budget and don't want to spend 100s of dollars on buying a new costume?  You can still make it to your event in the lederhosen of your choice.

There are plenty of rental authentic lederhosen and dirndl options available in fantastic condition. Renting one of the outfits will save a lot of your money.

We have compiled a list of places you can look into while buying yourself one of the lederhosen costumes of your choice.

But first let's look into what should be on your shopping list while buying these traditional German wears to complete your look.

Parts of Traditional German Outfits

When we think of traditional wear they tell us a story of that particular culture. Clothes speak volumes about our values and history. Cowboy boots and Bandanas are part of American culture. Let’s dig to know about the cultural German clothing to help you decide what outfit you will decide.

Lederhosens for Men

Breeches worn by the men usually made from premium quality leather of goat, deer or cows are Lederhosen. These traditional wear are made attractive by adding intricate details like embroidery. 

You can complete your look by adding:

  • Suspenders
  • Checkered Shirt
  • Leather shoes
  • Jacket
  • Knee length socks

Dirndl for Women

It is the traditional outfit for women which consists of bodice, blouse skirt and an apron. These costumes are made attractive by adding embroidery. Different cuts and trim designs make these outfits fancy. 

You can complete your look by adding accessories like

  • Edelweiss or Pretzel necklace
  • Hat 
  • Crossbody bags with embroidery 
  • Statement Shoes
  • Flower Crown

Oktoberfest Celebrations in USA

Oktoberfest is celebrated in its true spirit like in Bavaria. You will feel the full vibe of the festival if you are anywhere around the States.  From drinking plenty of german imported beers to Schuhplattler dancing in traditional German Outfits, you will experience everything in these festivals. You can devour traditional german food bratwurst while enjoying bands playing oompah in the background. Some of the regions are home of Oktoberfest.

  • Cincinnati, Ohio
  • San Francisco, California
  • Mount Angel, Oregon
  • Denver, Colorado
  • Fort Worth, Texas
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • La Crosse, Wisconsin
  • Milwaukee, Wisconsin
  • Mount Snow, Vermont

Places to Look for Rental Lederhosen

There are a wide range of places to turn your heads to while looking for a rental Oktoberfest Costume. No matter whether you are residing in the city or suburbs you can get your costume. The best way to rent or buy your lederhosen would be by visiting the rental store in person. Place to look when renting a lederhosen are 

Got A Costume in Aurora

Located in the Hampden Ave, Aurora is Got A Costume which has a range of all the festive wears from halloween to Character party costume.  It has lederhosen also available to rent or buy in great condition. You can call and email them before actually visiting them to check the availability of the lederhosen. The best part is that they have a wide range of size options and you can match your size from the size chart mentioned online. The only downside is they have only a few pieces and in one available color option that is brown traditional German outfits. The price for rental lederhosen is $30 is steal considering rental prices.

You can contact them through landline on (720) 934-0102 or directly send them msg on their Website. Also if you make your mind on renting from them the Address of their shop is E Hampden Ave, Aurora, CO 80014, United States.

Adele’s of Hollywood in California  

If you are in Los Angeles, California you are in luck. You can easily get your Oktoberfest Trachten wear for your Oktoberfest themed party. Adele’s of Hollywood have adult costumes for all the events and you can easily rent your lederhosen from them today. The lederhosen available on the rental store is available in perfect condition to make it look as if you just got a new one. The rental price for the lederhosen is $65 for 3 to 4 days which makes an average of $17 per day. Adele's of Hollywood rental shop is open from Tuesday to Friday 10 am to 5 pm whereas on Saturday 10 am to 4 pm. You can contact them on their official Website or Contact them on (323) 663-2231.

Abracadabra NYC in New Jersey 

Rental lederhosen is available in your home city and take advantage of this to get your hand on your lederhosen. A festive regalia lederhosen can be yours for a few dollars if you cannot compromise on the quality and hygiene. Abracadabra has traditional premium leather German outfits in size Large and X-large currently available at $125 . They have some strict policy when it comes to keeping their costume in shape. They charge a $250 security deposit. You can visit them at their Store Address 19 W 21st St, New York, NY 10010, United States. You can also call at +1 212-627-5194 between 11 am to 7 pm except Sundays are closed. It is good to check for your costume availability and other queries before visiting the store. Though you shouldn't expect a lot of options in terms of designs, style and colors.

Chicago Costume Company in Fullerton 

A store with multiple options available to rent your lederhosens to reserve your seat at Oktoberfest extravaganza. You can never go wrong with a traditional costume rental from this store. Their online presence speaks volumes about their authenticity. They have a virtual tour available for everyone on their Official Website. You can rent a costume for 3 days maximum and if you return your costume late you will have to give an extra $10 for each day. They have lederhosen available for $49 in XXL size. You can get it shipped to your address or pick it up straight from the store.

Places to Look for Rental Dirndl

Women romance with clothing goes long way. The spirit of Oktoberfest can be fest by any woman only by showing her flattering cuts in the dirndl. Dirndl has minor details that need to be met to complete the look. If you plan on spending on buying these German Outfits you can definitely go with renting one of these outfits. It is not only budget friendly but free space in your Closet. You can check the rental options in your vicinity and if you can locate any store you can definitely go with online orders.

Boston Costume in Cambridge 

They have quite few options for dirndl wear. You can choose the one that best translates your fashion and channels your inner diva. Whether you want to choose the modest full length dirndl or look chic in midi calf length skirt, you got both the options. Colors available are very festive and reflect the spirit of Oktoberfest. The best part is you don't have to rent the different components of the dress. You will get everything in a single package. The available options range between $45 to $65. Their store is open throughout the week 11 am to 8 pm and there is a slight variation of time on weekends. You can rent one of their German lederhosen costumes by making an appointment through calling 617-482-1632  or visiting their Store. Their store location is 200 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139, United States.

Costume World Florida
If you want to rent your Bavarian outfit you can surely rely on Costume World Dallas. They have a single piece in attractive colors that will make everyone go GAGA. The costume in rental price of $ 145 includes cap, blouse, dirndl skirt, apron and waist cincher. They have racks full of costumes and accessories for rental purposes. You can either rent a full themed party costume from them or a single piece. Their store Costume World Pompano Beach is located in Pompano beach . You can reach out to their store calling 954-428-6266 or visiting their store location on Address 2313 NW 30th Pl Pompano Beach, FL 33069.

Rent Accessories to Complete your Oktoberfest Look
What is an Oktoberfest look without adding the right amount of accessories to it. You definitely need the right jewelry to add on your look and hats to stand out. When renting German Outfits you will have to rent the accessories separately.

Here is the list of a few accessories you should definitely rent to complete your look.

  • Jewelry 

  • Hats

  • Shoes

  • Bags

Remember, adding the right accessories can elevate your Oktoberfest outfit to the next level and make you feel like a true Bavarian! It's a little daunting task to find a traditional piece of jewelry to match perfectly with your Trachten wear. You definitely would be wanting to show off an Edelweiss flower necklace or modern Pratzel locket. You might get very limited options when it comes to renting jewelry. You can check thrift stores or stalls to save a few bucks. 

Tips for Renting German Costume

Here are a few tips you need to bring into account before finalizing the outfit for your festival. Some of them will help you in the rental process.

1.Understanding German Traditional Attire

Before diving into the process of renting German outfits, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the different types of traditional German attires. The two most popular outfits are the Dirndl for women and the Lederhosens for men. The Dirndl is a dress consisting of a bodice, blouse, skirt, and apron worn by the women. While the Lederhosen is a set of leather shorts, typically worn with a shirt, suspenders, and knee-high socks. A variation of Lederhosen is also typically worn by the female. Understanding these outfits will help you make informed choices during the rental process.

2. Research and Explore Rental Options

When it comes to renting German lederhosen in the USA, it's crucial to conduct thorough research and explore various rental options. Start by searching online for specialty costume rental shops or companies that offer authentic German attire. Look for establishments with positive reviews and a wide selection of outfits. Compare prices, rental periods, and additional services offered to find the rental option that best suits your needs.

3. Choosing the Right German Outfits

When selecting a German outfit for your event, consider factors such as the occasion, your personal style, and comfort. Ensure that the rental provider offers a range of sizes to accommodate different body types. Take measurements accurately and consult the size charts provided by the rental company. It's always a good idea to rent your outfit well in advance to allow for any necessary alterations or exchanges.

4. Accessorizing Your German Outfit

To complete your German ensemble, accessorizing appropriately is essential. Consider adding accessories such as traditional hats, decorative pins, ribbons, or scarves that complement your outfit. For women wearing a Dirndl, accessorize with a statement necklace or earrings, while men in Lederhosen can consider wearing rustic belts or suspenders. Incorporating these accessories will enhance the authenticity of your attire and make you feel more connected to German traditions. Complete your look with the traditional Deep Brown Leather Lederhosen Shoes

5. Taking Care of the Rental

Once you receive your rented German outfit, it's crucial to handle it with care. Follow the provided instructions for washing and maintenance to ensure you don't damage the outfit. Avoid using harsh detergents or machine washing unless explicitly instructed. If you encounter any issues or have questions about caring for the outfit, contact the rental company for guidance. Few companies don't even allow you to wash the outfits. Read the rental policies carefully.

6. Return Policies and Late Fees

Before finalizing your rental agreement, familiarize yourself with the return policies and any potential late fees. Ensure you understand the rental duration and return the outfit promptly to avoid additional charges. Take note of any damage or wear requirements specified by the rental company to avoid penalties. Carefully read the rental agreement and ask questions if anything is unclear. And before placing the order do check for the security deposit as some companies charge a hefty amount.

Oktoberfest Wear Rental guide FAQs

Q: How far in advance should I book my costume rental?

A: It's advisable to book your costume rental at least two to three weeks in advance, especially during the peak Oktoberfest season. This ensures availability and gives you enough time for any necessary alterations.

Q: Can I rent costumes for children as well?

A: Yes, many rental shops offer a range of sizes to accommodate children. Make sure to inquire about children's sizes and availability when making your reservation.

Q: Are the rented costumes cleaned before use?

A: Yes, reputable rental shops clean their costumes after each use to maintain hygiene and ensure customer satisfaction. You can expect a clean and fresh costume for your Oktoberfest celebration.

Q: Can I rent accessories separately, or do I need to rent a full costume?

A: Most rental shops offer the option to rent accessories separately. If you already have a Dirndl or Lederhosen but need accessories to complete your look, inquire about accessory-only rentals.

Q: What happens if I accidentally damage the rented costume?

A: Rental shops typically charge a security deposit to cover any damages. Minor damages are usually covered, but significant damage may result in a deduction from your deposit. Be sure to read the rental agreement for detailed information.

Q: Can I pick up the rented costume or have it shipped to my location?

A: Rental shops have different policies regarding pickup and shipping. Some offer both options, while others may have restrictions. Check with the rental shop to determine the best method for you.

Why Renting Your Oktoberfest Costume is OK?

If you don't want to invest in the Oktoberfest outfit for some reason it's Ok to rent. You can Buy Oktoberfest wear and then lend it to others by taking small tokens in return. 

You have made up your mind in terms of renting German outfits. You surely need to know if you have rent options available nearby. If not it's okay to look for online store shipping to your area. 

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