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Trachten Wear Fest: Music Guide of 7 States and 7 Festivals

Trachten Wear Fest: Music Guide of 7 States and 7 Festivals

Oktoberfest is widely popular in the USA and celebrated in its true spirit like its ancestral land Germany. You can enjoy Bavarian style Oktoberfest organized in a number of cities in the USA.

So get your trachten wear regalia out today to enjoy the beer festival. If you are still short on your german outfits, buy Oktoberfest wear today!

What would be an Oktoberfest without musical performances? Music and live performances are the highlight of the Oktoberfest. Most part of this traditional festival is dancing to the live music while enjoying your pretzel and Schnitzel with a pint. Oktoberfest USA is a perfect combination of food, beer and of course live musical performances.

As you plan to experience the extravaganza of Oktoberfest, you must be wondering what type of music would be played and what type of performances you should attend. 

Worry not ! Here is the guide of musical performances and style featured in the Oktoberfest.  You can catch up with the performance that matches your personal preferences.

But before going to the event don't miss the chance to buy Oktoberfest wear. Gear up in your German Outfits to enjoy the Bavarian music.

Let's explore the type styles of Oktoberfest music before discovering the performances. 

Primer on Different Styles of Oktoberfest Musics

Traditional German festivals generally feature three types of musical styles. Polka, folk and schlage are the most recognizable sounds during the event. Here is the breakdown of all the three:
1. Polka
Polka music, the prominent sound of the Oktoberfest originated in Central Europe in the 1800s. Yet, it remains prevalent to the present day in Germany. The type Polka refers to both the music being played and the corresponding dance that goes along with it. Most polka bands play a selection of rhythm along with tuba, accordion, trumpet, clarinet, semi acoustic guitar or zither. The music and the dance performances are so lively and upbeat played half of the time during the festival. 

2. Folk
This type of music varies from place to place, region to region. The form widely depends on the belief, culture, tradition and religion of the peculiar place. In Germany the type of folk music referred to as "volkslieder" is taught to children. It consists of optimistic and sunny tunes. Some of the Folk songs are the repeated work songs. These tunes may give some political message. It can vary from upbeat tunes to the slower ballets. Folk bands usually carry along harmonica, acoustic guitar, mandolin, ukulele while playing with the rhythm selection. 

3. Schlanger
Translated as “a hit”, catchy instrumental festive music played along with the vocal pieces of light pop music in sweet and sentimental tunes. The lyrics are usually surrounded by love, romance, and relationships, making you want to lose yourself and get giddy in love. 
Role of Music in Oktoberfest Celebration

Oktoberfest was originally founded and continued on the elements of fun, merriment, togetherness and celebration. The live music adds to the founding principles of the festival by creating a jovial and joyous atmosphere for its attendees. People from all walks of life come and join this massive celebration donning their trachten wears.

Oktoberfest, celebrated each year  in the USA, features a number of local bands. This gives you a chance to enjoy with your loved one while adding new buddies in your friendlist. You can gather around the communal tables and show your dance moves.

Performing bands make sure people attending the Oktoberfest are dancing to the music and very much in the moment. The sound of “Oom pah pah” echoing in unison in the pavilion. Ultimately, the party music of Oktoberfest sets the mood for the entire festival. 
Discovering Oktoberfest Musical Performances Throughout USA

Traditional German Oompah bands and performers are essential at Oktoberfest cultural events. There is also a vibrant lineup of American bands and musical acts that contribute their own unique flavor to the celebrations. Lets see the bands that perform in different region of USA

Oktoberfest Musical Performances in California

Some of the most prominent bands in playing in Oktoberfest California are:

  • Express Band

This band is recognized for their singing variation as they play American Country, Cajun, Popular standards and Classical rock. You will never be bored during their performance as dancing is a must when the Express band is playing. They play different dancing styles including Cha-Cha, Swing, Tango, Rhumba, Lambada, Mambo and more performances. 

  • The Internationals

The Internationals is a renowned dance band specializing in captivating dance music from around the world. With their versatile talent, they seamlessly transition between various genres and create an electrifying atmosphere. Their performances unite diverse audiences through the universal language of dance, making them a sought-after choice for weddings, parties, and music festivals. If you join for their performance at Oktoberfest, get ready to experience joy, rhythm, and global flavors with The Internationals!

  • Carrera 

Carrera is an exceptional band known for their versatile talent and captivating performances. With a dedicated following, they have made a significant mark in the music industry. Their energetic shows, seamless genre transitions, and ability to engage the crowd set them apart. Whether it's a party, corporate event, or music festival, Carrera delivers an unforgettable experience that leaves a lasting impression. Reserve your ticket and groove to their infectious rhythms and be captivated by their musical prowess.

  • Polkageist West

Dressed in the traditional trachten wear male member in lederhosens and female in dirndl, the band have some great reviews regarding their performance. Polkageist West band is an energetic fusion of polka and rock style of music. Don't miss the chance to dance to their infectious blend of genres and vibrant stage presence this Oktoberfest. You can experience the lively spirit of Polkageist West in California!

Oktoberfest Musical Performances in Florida

Tap your feet and groove to the Traditional music in your german lederhosen in Florida. Buy Oktoberfest wear today at a reasonable price. Loosen yourself in the heart of Florida and make a lasting memory with your loved ones. Music is the must in when it comes to Oktoberfest so here a list of bands performing at festival

  • Spitze

Spitze is a sensational band with exceptional talent and captivating performances. Their unique blend of musical styles creates an unforgettable experience. With electrifying energy and seamless genre transitions, Spitze gets the crowd dancing at weddings, parties, and festivals. Their passion for music shines through every note, leaving a lasting impression. Prepare to be swept away by Spitze's enchanting melodies and vibrant stage presence, making your event truly memorable.

  • Europa

The dynamic trio always have a power pack performance especially when it comes to performing German Polkas. The strong melodies can be heard from the band reflecting the passion for what they do with the groove. Whether it's a traditional folk tune, a vibrant gypsy melody, or an upbeat dance number, Europa Band's performances are filled with energy and authenticity. Their ability to seamlessly blend different genres and create a vibrant atmosphere sets them apart. Experience the rich tapestry of European music with Europa Band and embark on a musical adventure that celebrates the continent's diverse musical heritage

Oktoberfest Musical Performance in Lllinois 

Beers? Check. Trachten wear? Check. Music? Check. Oktoberfest Illinois has a vibe you don’t want to miss. Let's explore all the musical bands playing in Oktoberfest illinois. 

  • The Johnny Wanger Band

In the vibrant city of Chicago, a highly acclaimed musical ensemble reigns supreme, expert in traditional Bavarian Polka Music, while effortlessly transitioning into not only Swing, Rock & Roll but also  Country, and Jazz. They captivate diverse audiences at various events, including Oktoberfests, weddings, and corporate functions. Adorned with Austrian cowbells, yodeling, their performances create a vibrant and unforgettable experience, inviting interactive audience participation. This extraordinary band celebrates multiple genres, ensuring every event becomes a truly memorable and mesmerizing affair.

  • Alpine Thunder

Known for their high energy and captivating performances Alpine Thunder has vibrant performances. They set the stage on fire and create unforgettable musical experiences for their audience. Whether its traditional polkas, folk tunes or festive yodeling the band knows how to capture the attention of their audience. You can watch their performance if you don’t want to miss the true Bavarian style music. 

Oktoberfest Musical Performances in New York

If you cannot travel to Munich this year, experience the Oktoberfest extravaganza in New york.  Beers, giant Pretzels and trachten wear, New york Oktoberfest has everything you need to fall in love. There are many live musical performances. So,  a big yes to New York Oktober.

  • Die Schlauberger

die Schlauberger (dSb) has been the powerhouse of musical expertise for more than two decades, proclaiming " to expect the unexpected." With their electrifying performances and diverse repertoire, dSb pleases crowds from festivals to rock and roll shows. Their fan base is enviable, and they've garnered high exposure through TV appearances and commercial spots. Get a seat reserved at their high-energy performance that captivates and delights.

Oktoberfest Musical Performances in Texas

Oompah at its best ik Oktoberfest Texas where everything is larger than life so is “ Oktoberfest”. Lager beer, musical performances and scrumptious German food are not a single thing to miss. Main street chick dance, trachten wear especially lederhosen Costume and german important beer are main attractions.

  • AlpenMusikanten

The AlpenMusikanten celebrate the rich tradition of Alpine music through their captivating musical ensemble. They transport the audience to the Alpine serene landscape with a heart warming performance. They specialize in various styles including lively polkas,folk tunes, and melodic waltzes. Their skillful musicianship and harmonious melodies create an atmosphere filled with joy and nostalgia. You can experience the magic and beauty of the mountains through their captivating performances.

  • Eurofest

The band is composed of exceptionally talented musicians who bring their unique skills to the stage. Their music ranges from traditional folk tunes to modern pop hits. They set the stage alive with their traditional performances that transport your heart straight to Europe.|Enjoying their music, Oktoberfest Texas offers a feast for the senses with a variety of delectable German cuisine, traditional dances, colorful trachten wear, and cultural exhibitions. It's a unique opportunity to embrace the diverse German-American culture and traditions along with traditional music that make Bavaria so fascinating.  

Oktoberfest Musical Performances in Washington

Dance until “almost” the midnight on the live music. “Tapping of the firkin” (beer keg), Stein Holding and Bavarian music are all big yes in Oktoberfest Washington. So let's see whose musical performances are lined up at Oktoberfest Washington.

  • The Hometown Band

The Hometown Band is a passionate group of musicians dedicated to sharing their diverse musical talents with the community. From enchanting concert melodies to uplifting patriotic tunes, toe-tapping swing numbers, and soulful jazz compositions, they ensure there's something for everyone. With lively polkas and beloved Oktoberfest favorites, their performances create a joyful atmosphere where everyone can swing and sing along, making every moment magical.

Oktoberfest Musical Performances New Jersey

The Attendees of Oktoberfest New Jersey are often seen holding the stein beer in one hand and holding a wurst or sausage in the other hand. Although beer is a big draw in this festival you can never ignore the music that keeps the fun alive in New Jerseys Oktoberfest. 

  • The Adlers Band

The band is highly acclaimed American performers that captivates the audience with the captivating performances and exceptional talent. They are known for their versatility and energetic stage performances with traditional German music. With their extensive musical expertise and dedication to their craft, The Adlers Band has become a sought-after choice for a wide range of events and celebrations. Whether it's a wedding, corporate function, festival, or private party, they have the ability to tailor their music to suit the occasion and create a memorable atmosphere. You definitely look out for their performance if you are planning to go to Oktoberfest in New Jersey.

Music Recommendations for Oktoberfest Celebrations

Looking to create the ultimate Oktoberfest playlist? Here are some recommended songs that capture the spirit of the festival:

  1. "Ein Prosit" - A traditional Oktoberfest anthem that is played multiple times throughout the event, signaling everyone to raise their beer steins and toast to the occasion.
  1. "Sweet Home Alabama" - A classic rock hit that never fails to get the crowd singing along and dancing.
  1. "Cotton Eye Joe" - An upbeat and catchy country dance song that is guaranteed to get people moving on the dance floor.
  1. "Take Me Home, Country Roads" - A beloved song that celebrates the beauty of the American countryside and creates a nostalgic atmosphere.

Tips to Enjoy Musical performance at Oktoberfest

Do you want to know some tips and tricks to enjoy the musical performance at Oktoberfest? Sure! Here are some tips for enjoying live music at Oktoberfest events:

  • Oktoberfest is a popular event, so it's a good idea to arrive early to secure a good spot near the stage. This way, you can enjoy the live music up close and have a great view of the performers.
  • Before attending the event, listen to some traditional Oktoberfest music. Familiarize yourself with popular songs and melodies, so you can sing along and fully immerse yourself in the festive atmosphere.
  • Oktoberfest music often involves lively dancing, such as the famous "Schuhplattler" and "Polka" dances. Don't be shy to join in the fun and participate in the dance! Watch the locals and follow their lead or even take a few dance lessons before attending to enhance your experience.
  • Oktoberfest songs are often catchy and easy to sing along to. Raise your beer stein high and join in the singing with the crowd. It's a fantastic way to feel part of the celebration and create a memorable experience.
  • Live music at Oktoberfest involves talented musicians and bands who create a vibrant atmosphere. Show your appreciation by clapping, cheering, and respecting the performances. Avoid talking loudly or interrupting the show, as it can be distracting for both the performers and other attendees.
  • Consider wearing traditional Bavarian attire like a dirndl (for women) or lederhosen (for men) to fully immerse yourself in the Oktoberfest spirit. Many attendees dress up, and it adds to the overall festive atmosphere. If you don’t have trachten wear, buy your Oktoberfest wear today.
  • Above all, Oktoberfest is about having a great time. Enjoy the lively music, delicious food, and festive atmosphere. Let loose, sing, dance, and fully embrace the spirit of the event.
  • Oktoberfest is a social event, so don't hesitate to strike up conversations and make new friends. Engage with fellow attendees, share your love for the music and the festival, and create lasting memories together


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