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Lederhosens Regalia: 5 Ways to Commute to Oktoberfest 2023 in USA

Lederhosens Regalia: 5 Ways to Commute to Oktoberfest 2023 in USA

Are you ready to immerse yourself in one of the world's most vibrant festivals- Oktoberfest. It is a cherished cultural event that attracts millions of enthusiasts every year. From traditional lederhosens to savory bratwursts and lively folk music, this celebration brings the spirit of Bavaria to the USA.
Are you planning to partake in this joyous, fun-filled Event? If yes, take out your lederhosens and dirndls. Buy Oktoberfest wear at affordable prices if you haven’t decided on what to wear. 
After getting your German outfits ready,  it is essential that you have sorted the solid mode of transportation plan beforehand. In case, you are planning to go to one of the Oktoberfest hosted in different cities of the USA.

Did You Know? For Americans, it's not cheap. The estimated cost for an American to get to Oktoberfest Munich is $5,000.

In this read we will delve into the transportation options available during the Oktoberfest. You will also get to know some of the tips and tricks that will help you to sort out modes of transportation. 
Let’s begin !

Mode of Transportation Used in Oktoberfest!
Public Transportation is a widely used option in the USA to get around. Although every city has different modes of transportation. But some of the prominent mode of transportation available in USA that you can leverage in Oktoberfest are:
  • Buses
  • Train System
  • Rapid Transit
  • Taxis
  • Ridesharing
Buses Transportation System
It depends upon if you are moving around within the city or to another city to join the Oktoberfest. There are two types of Bus service in the USA you can rely on.

City Buses Intrastate Buses
Who look up the system City’s public transportation network Owen by private companies
Stops Make frequent stop within city Drop off passenger to different cities within State
Comfort Less Comfortable Relatively more Comfortable
Destination  Within city Different cities 
Although taking a bus may cost you less than a private car, the downside is you may have to sit for longer. Buses make pit stops every now and then so passengers can stretch their legs, use restrooms and buy snacks.

Did you know? The average time it takes between famous interstate is:
  • Boston to Philadelphia – 7 hours (5 hours by car)
  • Los Angeles to San Francisco – 8 hours (6 hours by car)
  • New York to Boston – 4.5 hours (3.5 hours by car)
Tips for traveling by the bus for Oktoberfest Oktoberfest wear destination

Before catching a bus it's important consider reading these tips:
  • Buy a Bus Pass: If you plan to stay in the city for a while, where you are to attend Oktobeerfest buy a pass. Doing so will save you some money and also if you think it suits you try buying multi-ride tickets. 
  • Tag your luggage: You don’t want to lose your bag carrying your precious lederhosens and other accessories of your German outfits. Although if you are going out of the city for a few days it's recommended to act upon folk saying “Travel light if you must.”
    • Use an App for Map: Always plan your route with the route planning GPS app for tracking. One of the widely popular and easily accessible Apps for this purpose is Google Maps. You should check your route in advance and calculate the time you will need to reach your Oktoberfest wear destination. 
    • Find the Bus station in advance: You don’t want to miss a chance to flaunt your Trachten wear. Get the schedule of your bus in advance so you can make it to the Beer Festival. 
    Train/ Rail System in USA

    Different public and private owned train systems are widely present all over the USA. Like the bus system, the rail system also commutes within the city and intracity. Whichever trail you want to take, whether commuter trains and intercity trains, both are light on the pocket.

    Commuter Train Intercity Trains
    Part of City transport system National Railroad Passenger Corporation
    Speed  Fast  Slow 
    Connection Across metropolitan regions Across different cities
    Fare Affordable  Costly 
    Popular Train Routes
    • New York Metropolitan Area’s  MTA Long Island Rail Road 
    •  New York to New Jersey’s NJ Transit Rail 
    • Chicago’s Metra Rail 
    • New York City to Montreal via The Adirondack

    • Chicago to San Francisco via California Zephyr
    • Seattle to Los Angeles / 35 hours via Coast Starlight  

    Tips to Travel via Train for Oktoberfest U.S.A

    When planning to travel to your Oktoberfest destination via train you can dig into these tips.
  • Book Early: The earlier you reserve the more you save on your early bird advance booking with Amtrak. You can book as early as 11 months from the actual dates of your travel via Intercity train. So if you have planned on attending the coming Oktoberfest outside the city you are living in, reserve yourself a seat today. But before, if you haven't already decided what you will be wearing, buy Oktoberfest wear and don your best lederhosen costume to the festival.

  • Buy a Rail Pass: For a convenient travel, if you plan on staying in the other city buy yourself a rail pass. Passes are valid for different time periods ranging from 11, 30 or 45 days. Get your german lederhosen ready and board one of the trains to enjoy the Oktoberfest extravaganza of BEER, BOOZE and BAVARIAN MUSIC AND FOOD.

  • Did you Know? A train is a vehicle that runs on rails.
    • Avoid traveling during the Rush hours: Avoid traveling during the peak hours for not only saving yourself from rush but it will also be light on pocket. You can have a chance to get a seat especially if you are traveling via commuter train. 
  • Download Company App: When traveling via commuter train buy yourself multi ride tickets if you are planning to stay in the city for sometime. Also download the Company app via which you are traveling in order to cut down paper waste. This may save you from the stress and you can have hassle free traditional Oktoberfest celebrations.
  • Did you know?  New York's Grand Central Station is one of the largest and most iconic in the world.
    Rapid Transit System

    Some of the urban areas of the United States have this mode of transportation. It is a high speed public transportation system which not only saves a lot of time but is also preferred by most of the people. If you are planning to join the perfect blend of the American- German Culture in your lederhosen the same day of the event then this Transportation mode is for you.

    Rapid Train System Characteristics
    Speed Quick and hi- speed
    Fare Cheap
    Dependability Reliable
    Downside Available only in handful populated cities
    Tips for Commuting via Rapid Transit System
    Here are some of the tips you need to bring to your attention so you can travel comfortably via Rapid Transit System. 
    • Prior Ticket Validation
      If your ticket is not validated it might cost you a hefty amount. So make sure to validate your ticket but if you are traveling via tram, monorails or light train you can get your ticket validated after the boarding. But if you are commuting otherwise you may need to get your ticket validation done before you enter the platform to catch your commute. So, don't get behind in having fun by getting late or not being able to get on your tram or metro. 
    • Know About your Whereabouts
      Traveling via underground Rapid transit can make you disorientated. It's better to see the Maps pasted on the exit to know if it is really your station.

    • Be Compassionate
      Always be kind and considerate when traveling in any such mode of transportation. Especially when you are using one of these commutes to reach your Oktoberfest USA destination you would be carrying some baggage. Don't put your luggage on seats! Always make a seat for others in the spirit of a festival that is celebrated for “fun, togetherness and love.”
    • Use Navigational Apps
      You can use navigational Apps like Google Maps. Such apps come in handy especially when traveling through Rapid Transit.
    Commuting Through Taxis to Oktoberfest

    Big cities' hustle bustle can often make you miss your train or bus especially when you are in a hurry. Don’t worry there is an alternative to that too. It may cost you a little more but you can reach your destination comfortably. You can always signal a hand to Taxi. Especially if you are going to attend Oktoberfest a few streets away this is the most viable option. You can always ride one of the yellow cabs with “Medallion” if you are going to attend Oktoberfest NYC. You will easily be able to find these cabs everywhere around even in Downtown.
    You can check out all the major Oktoberfest held all around in the USA.

    Lederhosens Fest USA: The 12 Most Epic Oktoberfests Await
    But before that don't miss the chance to get your hand on traditional lederhosens made from the premium quality leather. You will be awestruck to see the intricate embroidery with the perfect modern and traditional designs. Buy Oktoberfest wear today!
    Tips to travel via Taxi to Oktoberfest location 
    There are a number of tips that are going to be saver for you when taking a cab to Oktoberfest. Let’s get into details!
    • Tell about your Preferred route
      Most of the cab drivers will take you through the direct route. If you have any preferred route you can let your driver know beforehand in order to avoid any inconvenience.

    • Leave a Tip
      Just when eating out at a fancy restaurant you tip, it's polite to tip your driver 10% of your basic fare. But if your driver has helped you in picking up your bags or went the extra mile you can tip more. 
    • Avoid Taking Food Along
      Don't take your food along with you in your cab. Especially, to avoid any unpleasant smell that would make the future passenger or the driver uncomfortable.

    • Drink the Minimum Alcohol
      If you are planning to take a cab on the way back home from Oktoberfest try to drink less. It is applicable for whatever mode of transportation you use. Being wasted will not only cause inconvenience for you but can also bother others.
    Ridesharing to Reach your Oktoberfest Destination

    Ridesharing has become one of the popular ways to reach your destination in the USA. It can be convenient if you have reserved a seat for yourself at Oktoberfest. Uber and Lyft are among the widely popular apps for Ridesharing. When using these apps at peak hours, especially during festivals, the rates are very high. So leave early in such situations.

    Tips for Ridesharing When Going to Oktoberfest

    When planning to go to Oktoberfest via Ridesharing do consider the tips mentioned below. 
    • Share your Ride Trip
      Sharing your Ride Trip with someone can help them track your location throughout. Both Uber and Lyft give this option to their riders.You can go to option and and select “Share trip Status” and “share ride detail” on former and later apps. In case of any mishap the person you have shared your location with will be aware. 
    • Confirm you Ride
    Before you sit, tally the number plate of the car and drivers description with one appearing on the App. You can always confirm the number of the driver by asking directly from him. These practices will keep you on a safe side.
  • Navigate your Route

  • You should always navigate your route in other Apps as well; like Google Maps. It is good to stay vigilant and try to take the direct way especially to avoid extra charges. Do not hesitate from filing a complaint if you think the driver took advantage or found something fishy.  
    Ridesharing Taxis
    Convenience More Convenient Less Convenient
    Renting system More Reliable Less Reliable
    Payment More Payment options Only cash
    Price Can see before ordering At time of ordering
    Parking Recommendations for Oktoberfest

    If you prefer to drive to Oktoberfest celebrations, it's essential to plan your parking in advance. Here are some recommendations for parking near the festival grounds:
    1. Official Parking Lots
    Most Oktoberfest venues have designated parking lots where you can safely park your vehicle. These lots are typically well-managed and offer convenient access to the festival grounds.
    1. Off-Site Parking
    In some cases, parking near the festival grounds may be limited or expensive. Consider parking at off-site locations and utilizing public transportation or rideshare services to reach the Oktoberfest venues.

    You should also check which bands are playing during the Oktoberfest so you can plan an advance trip in your fancy lederhosens to another city. Check our guide to the 7 top musical bands playing in 7 different states.

    Travel Hacks for Oktoberfest
    To enhance your Oktoberfest experience, here are some travel hacks that can save you time, money, and unnecessary stress:
    1. Plan Ahead
    Research the Oktoberfest schedule and plan your itinerary accordingly. Knowing the dates, venues, and transportation options in advance will help you make the most of your time and avoid last-minute complications.
    1. Purchase Event Tickets Online
    Buy your Oktoberfest event tickets online to skip the long queues and secure your spot in advance. Many festivals offer discounted online prices, making it a cost-effective and time-saving option.
    1. Stay Near Public Transportation

    Choosing accommodation near public transportation hubs will make it easier for you to commute to the festival grounds. Look for hotels or rentals within walking distance of metro stations or bus stops.

    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    Q1: Are lederhosens necessary to attend Oktoberfest celebrations?

    A1: While lederhosens are not mandatory, they add to the festive spirit and are widely embraced by attendees. Wearing traditional German outfits like lederhosens or trachten wear can enhance your Oktoberfest experience.

    Q2: Can I use rideshare services late at night after the festival ends?

    A2: Yes, rideshare services like Uber and Lyft operate 24/7 in many cities. You can rely on them to safely transport you back to your accommodation after enjoying the Oktoberfest celebrations.

    Q3: Are there parking facilities for bicycles near the festival grounds?

    A3: Many Oktoberfest venues provide bicycle parking areas to cater to eco-friendly transportation. Check with the festival organizers or local authorities to find designated bicycle parking spots.

    How to Choose the mode of Transportation for Oktoberfest
    You should go for the mode of transportation that is pocket-friendly, easily accessible and you can share with your friends to Oktoberfest. Your journey would be pleasant and memorable this way. 
    If you have been to Oktoberfest what was your mode of transportation? Comment down below. If you are planning to go this year, buy Oktoberfest wear at affordable prices now.


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