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Oktoberfest in Oklahoma

Oktoberfest in Oklahoma

Oklahoma Oktoberfest is more than the celebration of horse racing and a royal wedding. Held in October, this fall festival draws beer fans from around the globe by offering an incredible beer range both from local and international breweries. 

In Okhlama City, the Oktoberfest event is held annually at different locations and attended by thousands of people. These events feature traditional Paulaner keg tapping to start the festivities, followed by live music, games, family activities, and weekend events. 

How Oktoberfest in Oklahoma Begins?

Oklahoma Oktoberfest began in 1979 on the east bank of the Arkansas River in Tulsa, initiated by Vivian Steele from the River Parks Authority. The first festival, sponsored by local media and organizations, was marked by German cultural celebrations led by Josef Hardt of KJRH and the German-American Club of Oklahoma City. 

By its second year, the event attracted thousands, serving 3,500 pounds of traditional German fare alongside American snacks. In 1981, the festival moved to the river's west bank, expanding to two weekends and featuring performances by the Heilbronn Band from Germany. This year also saw the introduction of the Chicken Dance, which became a staple of Oktoberfest celebrations worldwide. Over the years, the festival extended to other cities in Oklahoma, establishing it as a significant national event.

Oklahoma Oktoberfest Locations 

Tulsa Oktoberfest: 2100 S Jackson Ave, Tulsa, OK 74107

Ponca City Oktoberfest: Marland and the Marland Mansion

Oktoberfest Bartlesville: 415 Dewey Ave Ste. 100, Bartlesville, OK 74003

Enid Oktoberfest: 200 block of W. Randolph and 100 block on N. Independence

Vinita Oktoberfest: The campus of Holy Ghost Catholic Church

Major Oktoberfest Celebrations in Oklahoma 

You don’t have to go to Germany to have an authentic Oktoberfest experience, as Oklahoma hosts some of the best events, offering real fun to visitors of all ages. 

Tulsa Oktoberfest 

Tulsa Oktoberfest is a six-day celebration of Bavarian culture, taking place annually in Oklahoma, modeled after the famous Oktoberfest in Munich. The festivities start with pre-fest events such as the authentic German Dinner in der Lufthansa Technik BierGarten and Gemütlichkeit. The main festival begins on Thursday, featuring a variety of activities including traditional German music, Bavarian foods like bratwurst and strudel, and games. Over 200 taps of both German and local beers are available, along with arts and crafts and competitions such as bier barrel racing and stein hoisting. 

Ponca City Oktoberfest

The Ponca City Oktoberfest takes place annually during the first weekend of October, on October 7th and 8th, at the Marland Mansion grounds located at 901 Monument Road. This 2-day family event features over 100 arts and crafts booths, a sports tent with live football game broadcasts, and a range of music and food options. Activities also include a popular chicken dance, a beer garden, and various children's activities, making it a comprehensive outdoor fall festival in the area. 

Oktoberfest Bartlesville 

The Annual Oktoberfest in Bartlesville lets you enjoy a day of festivities from 3 pm to 9 pm. This family-friendly event offers a variety of children's games, live music, dancing, and handcrafted local beers. Activities such as Hammerschlagen, Zufall, Corn Hole, and new additions like Dart Pong and Axe Throwing enrich the experience. Special games like Root Beer Pong and Putt-Putt cater to teens and students, while younger children can enjoy activities like cookie decorating and bouncy houses. Tickets are available online with discounts for early purchases for the event. 

Enid Oktoberfest 

Enid's Oktoberfest is October’s First Friday event, transforming the city into a vibrant celebration of German heritage. The festival offers polka music, German cuisine, craft beers from local breweries, and a variety of food options. Streets are closed to traffic, allowing businesses to extend their storefronts with extra vendors and booths. Alongside the festivities, downtown shops and boutiques stay open late, offering special sales and live music. Highlights include Oktoberfest-themed games, a costume contest, and live performances by a German band from Café Bahnhof, sponsored by Wymer Brownlee.

Vinita Oktoberfest 

The Holy Ghost Catholic Church annually hosts the Vinita Oktoberfest which brings the community and visitors together from 10:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. The visitors can enjoy a day filled with traditional German foods, music, dancing, and many other activities. Attendees can also experience local entertainment, children's activities, pony rides, and a live auction offering various items. The festival emphasizes cultural festivities with amazing games, food options, and shopping opportunities. 

Oklahoma Oktoberfest Dates & Duration 

Tulsa Oktoberfest: October 17-22 

Ponca City Oktoberfest: October 7-8

Oktoberfest Bartlesville: October 7 

Enid Oktoberfest: Oktober’s First Friday 

Vinita Oktoberfest: October 12 

Oklahoma Oktoberfest Dress Code 

When choosing what to wear to Oktoberfest Oklahoma, consider Lederhosen and Dirndl. This is the favorite and traditional Oktoberfest costume not just in Munich, Germany, but around the world. However, this dress code is not mandatory, and you can wear anything you want according to your comfort and style preferences. 

Oklahoma Oktoberfest Tickets and Booking 

Most of the Oktoberfest celebrations in Oklahoma are free to enter and do not require prior booking. However, some may require buying tickets online to reserve a seat. Check the official website of every location weeks before the event to know the timings and reservation details. Also, be aware of the schedule of the special performances and competitions so that you do not miss anything. 

Oklahoma Oktoberfest Highlights & Activities 

Oktoberfest Oklahoma is full of fun activities that attract visitors to spend quality time while enjoying games, beer, food, contests and a lot of attractions. 

Craft Beers and Traditional Drinks: You can enjoy a selection of craft beers and traditional German brews like Weißbier and Märzen​. 

German Cuisine: Oklahoma Oktoberfest events offer a range of authentic German dishes such as bratwursts, schnitzels, and sauerkraut, as well as local delicacies. 

Family Fun Activities: Oklahoma's Oktoberfest is perfect for families. Kids can enjoy carnival rides and a special youth tent known as the Jugendzelt. On Fridays, families can enter for free, making it an accessible day for everyone to join the fun​. 

Live Music: Experience live performances from bands like Das Glockenspiel, Dorfrocker, Alex Meixner, and the GAST Blaskapelle at Oktoberfest in Tulsa. These groups perform on dueling stages, creating a lively atmosphere with enjoyable polka music that everyone can dance to​.

Bier Barrel Racing and Competitions: The festival features various competitions, including the MassKrug Carry, the Dachshund Dash, the Bier Barrel Race, and the MassKrug Relay. These events showcase intense competition and are a highlight for many attendees​. 

Costume Contest: Dress in your best traditional German attire and participate in the costume contest, a fun way for attendees to show off their authentic Trachten​. 

Stein Holding and Sausage Tossing: These activities are best for testing your endurance and having fun. This adds a challenging and entertaining aspect to the event. 

Carnival Rides: These amusement rides are set up temporarily for the festival, offering thrilling experiences for attendees of all ages. 

Dachshund Dash: An incredible race competition featuring one of Germany’s small dog breeds, the Dachshund. This event not only celebrates the spirited nature of these dogs but also provides entertainment and laughter for spectators. 

Essential Tips for Attending Oktoberfest Oklahoma 

  • Visit the official websites for every location weeks before the event to know the reservation details and the schedule of special performances.  
  • Carry cash with you, as not all vendors accept card payments. 
  • Arrive early to secure the best places at the events and to enjoy the activities in a family-friendly environment. 
  • Use public transportation to arrive at the events, as it will save you from parking issues. 
  • Check the Oklahoma weather forecast to dress up accordingly. 
  • Follow all the rules and regulations of every event to maintain a good festive environment. 
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