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Massive Celebration of Oktoberfest in New York

Fall in New York, once the US capital, is big on diversity, with 800 languages spoken in this state and many German immigrants inhabiting it.  The OG Oktoberfest celebration lasts for three weeks, from the mid of September to the start of October, but in New York, the celebrations go for much longer all month long in October. All the festivities are just too fun, with German fare, beer, and contests at the heart of all the events.  Bratwurst, Bavarian Beer, and Brass music are abundant in Beerfests taking place all across New York.

Grand Oktoberfest Celebrations In New York 

All the Oktoberfest celebrations in New York are grand and spread throughout the state, taking place in September or October.

Watermark New York Oktoberfest

Watermark New York Oktoberfest is amongst the longest-running Oktoberfest celebrations in the States, starting in early September and lasting until the end of October. This event starts later in the afternoon and ends late at night on weekdays, while on weekends, it starts at 11 a.m. on Saturday and 12 p.m. on Sunday, ending late at night. Authentic German beer from Hofbrau, Radeberger, and Weihenstephaner is served, and many vendors are selling German (brats and giant pretzels) and American staples.

The Oktoberfest in New York watermark venue offers a spectacular view of the Brooklyn and Williamsburg bridges and the Brooklyn skyline. Some slots are reserved daily for “Happy Hour,” during which everything served is discounted.

  • New York Oktoberfest Location: Pier 15 | 78 South Street, New York, NY 10038, United States
  • New York Oktoberfest Dates: September to Octoberfest (ran for weeks)
  • New York Oktoberfest Tickets: Free General admission and reserved VIP tickets 

Stone Street Oktoberfest In NYC

Stone Street Oktoberfest is known to be one of the largest celebrations in New York State. This beerfest celebration highlights Bavarian and local craft beer served in German glassware steins, German American food, and international cuisines like Mexican and Cuban served by the staff in Lederhosen and Dirndl by the participating restaurants located on the street. German live brass music and fun games like Stein-hosting content are held for entertainment purposes.

This celebration runs for the last two Saturdays of September and starts two Saturdays of October. Stone Street Oktoberfest beer partners are Franziskaner, Spaten, and Blue Point Brewing. The bar menu is full of cocktail options and non-alcoholic beverages. 

  • Stone Street Oktoberfest Location: New York, NY 10004, United States
  • Stone Street Oktoberfest Dates: September to Oktoberfest 
  • Stone Street Oktoberfest Tickets: Free admission

Hamburg Oktoberfest, New York

Hamburg Oktoberfest is one of the biggest in the scenic village of Hamburg in Western New York. This one-day event in September brings an authentic and fun take on the Beerfest while giving back to the community. The celebration was founded by the locals in 2007. The prime reason for this event is to gather donations to support the local organization, but this doesn't mean the event is less fun.  This fun event allows local vendors to promote themselves in exchange for Bavarian food, beer, and brass music. No fee and tickets are needed to enter this Beerfest.

  • Hamburg Oktoberfest Location: Lake St, Hamburg, NY 14075, United States
  • Hamburg Oktoberfest Dates: September (one-day event)
  • Hamburg Oktoberfest Tickets: Free admission

Bear Mountain Oktoberfest NY

The Bear Mountain Oktoberfest celebrates the warmth of Bavarian culture in the scenic Anthony Wayne Recreation Area. Bear Mountain transforms into a fun venue serving German beer and food, with a traditional brass musical performance taking up the stage. VIP passes are available at early bird discounts, with prices increasing every month. 

  • Bear Mountain Oktoberfest Location: 3020 Seven Lakes Drive, Tomkins Cove, NY 10986, United States
  • Bear Mountain Oktoberfest Dates: September and October (all the weekend events)
  • Bear Mountain Oktoberfest Tickets: VIP admission and parking tickets

Traditional Offerings at New York Oktoberfest Celebrations 

To enjoy the Oktoberfest celebrations, embracing the traditional elements of oktoberfest New York is mandatory!

German food and Beer at Oktoberfest New York City

All the Oktoberfest celebrations in New York happening in different cities and towns offer a hearty selection of rich German food alongside frosty beer steins. Some of the  Oktoberfest classics like sausages (bratwurst and weisswurst) are often served with tangy sauerkraut and creamy potato salad. Giant pretzels, perfect for sharing, are another Oktoberfest staple. The German beer is the soul of all the Beerfest celebrations, featuring brews from popular German brands like Hofbräuhaus, Spaten, and Weihenstephan, alongside various regional brews. Prost!

Oktoberfest New York Contest and Competitions

Traditional games like stein hoisting competitions or yodeling contests are a big part of all the Oktoberfest celebrations in New York. Many festivals also feature the Weiner dog race to include pets in this hearty Bavarian Oktoberfest celebration.

Oktoberfest NYC Entertainment Options 

New York Oktoberfest celebrations are vibrant, with each celebration having its own list of performers to entertain its attendees. Lively oom-pah bands and folk performers fill the air with infectious music, encouraging sing-alongs and dancing acts held across multiple stages, creating a thrilling atmosphere to raise Stein. 

Oktoberfest New York Kid-Friendly Activities 

New York Oktoberfest celebrations offer fun for all members to enjoy the Bavarian traditions. Many festivals, like Watermark Oktoberfest, engage younger attendees with inflatables, games, and exciting activities. Face painting and pumpkin carving contests are popular, while kid-friendly food options on the menu ensure the celebrations include all age groups. These events provide an opportunity for families to bond over a hearty Bavarian feast.

Dress Code for Oktoberfest New York

Almost all the Oktoberfest celebrations in New York appreciate its attendees wearing traditional Bavarian tracht. At Oktoberfest Stone Street, even the staff participate by wearing lederhosen and dirndl. Alot of online stores sell authentic Oktoberfest Wear clothing and ship worldwide.

Tips for Having the Best New York Oktoberfest Experience 

  • Beer is the soul of the Oktoberfest NYC celebrations, but drinking responsibly is essential.
  • Use public transport or utilize ride-sharing services to get back home safely.
  • While some vendors may accept cards, having cash is always helpful.
  • Wear traditional trachten (lederhosen for men and dirndl for women) to enjoy all the aspects of Beerfest in New York.
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