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All Celebrations of Oktoberfest in Alabama

Oktoberfest is an annual tradition of celebrating Bavarian culture and heritage. This German tradition has extended its venue to the world, reaching the state of Yellowhammer state (nickname for Alabama) in the United States. Plenty of Beerfest celebrations take place in Alabama every year, spread across cities and towns. Cullman and Auburn are the most looked-forward Oktoberfest celebrations in the state of Alabama.

Major Oktoberfest in Alabama

Alabama homes some of the most hyped Oktoberfest celebrations held throughout the States.

Cullman Oktoberfest, Alabama

Cullman Oktoberfest gives the most heartwarming experience of Bavarian culture., This beerfest celebration happens every October, staying true to the festival's tradition. This three-day celebration brings together the community to enjoy street musicians, acrobats, and kid-zone with the best German food. Everyday costume contest presents a chance to look handsome in the authentic lederhosen and Bavarian dirndl and model to win the title of best dressed at Oktoberfest. 

The Stein Hoisting contest is undoubtedly a tradition of every beerfest, and Cullman is no exception. It tests strength, discipline, and dedication and is divided into categories for adults, kids, guys, and girls. This Alabama Oktoberfest includes the furry friends in the Wiener dog race. The beer is sponsored by Hofbrauhaus at Cullman Oktoberfestival.

  • Cullman Oktoberfest location: 309 1st Ave NE, Cullman, AL 35055, United States
  • Cullman Oktoberfest dates: October (three-day celebration)
  • Cullman Oktoberfest Tickets: Free admission

  • Auburn Oktoberfest, Alabama

    Auburn Oktoberfest is labeled as the “South's favorite craft beer festival.” It’s a two-day event held in October. The event is organized and hosted by Ithaka Hospitality Partners. The celebration opens at the start of the weekend, with the beer dinner and Oktoberfest celebration taking place the following day. Fifty-five different breweries sponsor their beer for this event, with Paulnar being the only one that is also served at Munich Oktoberfest.  The entertainment segment contains contests and competitions like Stein hoisting and Mr. and Mrs. Oktoberfest. 

    Live music and the best college football games streamed live are big sources of entertainment at this festivity. Entry tickets for both days must be bought separately, each in exchange for certain privileges.

  • Auburn Oktoberfest location: 211 2nd Ave NE, Cullman, AL 35055, United States
  • Auburn  Oktoberfest dates: October (two-day celebration)
  • Auburn Oktoberfest Tickets:  Separate tickets for both events
  • Tuscaloosa Oktoberfest, Alabama

    Oktoberfest Tuscaloosa is brought to the community by the corporation of Visit Tuscaloosa and Mercedes-Benz U.S. International, donating a percentage of the money to the American Cancer Society. The Tuscaloosa 5k run is the most anticipated segment of this celebration, along with the Dachshund content in which the furry friends stretch a hundred feet, jumping, hopping, and a little run in between to finish off to a token of appreciation. 

    Anyone over 21 can participate in the stein hoisting in this Oktoberfest celebration; hoist a 34-ounce Oktoberfest stein with the event taking place in a large tent near the main stage. Get dressed in authentic lederhosen and dirndl to win exciting titles like Mr. Oktoberfest or Mrs. Oktoberfest. Chicken Dance is also a treat to the eyes.

  • Oktoberfest Tuscaloosa Location: Tuscaloosa, AL 35401, United States
  • Oktoberfest Tuscaloosa dates: September (One-day celebration)
  • Oktoberfest Tuscaloosa Tickets: General and VIP tickets are available
  • Redstone Arsenal Oktoberfest, Alabama

    Redstone Arsenal Oktoberfest celebration is the German Beerfest with an Alabama twist. It is brought to the community with the Redstone Arsenal Family and MWR corporation and held on the Army base. Ample beer in steins and all the flavorful German delicacies are on the menu. Live music and dances are staples at Huntsville Oktoberfest, with all sorts of carnival rides, like the renowned Ferris wheel. The event is always held in September, giving a unique insight into the Military facilities while enjoying a handful of pretzels. 

    • Oktoberfest Tuscaloosa Location: 500 Church St NW, Huntsville, AL 35801, United States
    • Oktoberfest Tuscaloosa dates: September (One-day celebration)
    • Oktoberfest Tuscaloosa Tickets: Free Admission

    Traditional Offerings at Alabama Oktoberfest Celebrations 

    Oktoberfest Alabama offers so much more than bringing people together to drink.

    German food and Beer at Oktoberfest Alabama

    Alabama's Oktoberfest celebrations offer a menu filled with scrumptious entries like bratwurst and knockwurst. Schnitzel, slow-roasted pork knuckles, and Hendl are the heart and soul of these celebrations. The giant pretzels (a classic Oktoberfest snack) are perfect and can be devoured as dessert, besides other options like brownies, cake slices, and cupcakes. A stein of authentic German beer from Hofbräuhaus, Paulner, or local brews perfectly combines the food. 

    Oktoberfest In Alabama Contest and Competitions

    Traditional games like stein-hoisting competitions, dachshund races, or the best-dressed contests are a big part of Alabama's Oktoberfest celebrations. Tuscaloosa Oktoberfest also features the 5k run race; anyone can participate in this contest.

    Oktoberfest Alabama Entertainment Options 

    Alabama Oktoberfest celebrations are full of colors, each with a list of performers to entertain its attendees. Lively oom-pah bands, folk performers, and chicken dance fill the air with Gemütlichkeit in all Alabama Beerfest celebrations.

    Oktoberfest Alabama Kid-Friendly Activities 

    All the Oktoberfest celebrations in Alabama are kid-friendly. These Beerfests offer a chance for all family members to participate in the celebrations of Bavarian traditions. Many festivals, like Auburn Oktoberfest and Cullman Oktoberfest, engage the little visitors with inflatables, games, and exciting activities. Face painting and best dress contests are popular, and while kid-friendly food options are on the menu, they enjoy the German delicacies as well. 

    Dress Code for Oktoberfest In Alabama

    Every Oktoberfest celebration in Alabama appreciates its attendees in the traditional Bavarian tracht. Almost everyone, German or non-German, in most Alabama Beerfests, arrives wearing men’s lederhosen and dirndl. Alot of online stores sell authentic Oktoberfest clothing and and traditional Bavarian accessories to keep you sorted for Oktoberfest.

    Tips for Having the Best Alabama Oktoberfest Experience 

    • Beer is the soul of the Oktoberfest celebrations in Alabama, but overdoing it is not appreciated.
    • Use public transport or utilize ride-sharing services to get back home safely.
    • While some vendors may accept cards, having cash is always helpful.
    • Wear traditional Bavarian costumes (lederhosen for men and dirndl for women) to enjoy all the traditional sides of Beerfest in Alabama.
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