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Oktoberfest 2024 Reservation Dates

Oktoberfest 2024 Reservation Dates

Stop dreaming about Oktoberfest and make it a reality from 21 September to 6 October 2024. The world’s largest party is around the corner, and it's crucial to make sure you aren’t missing out. Munich expects a larger audience this year than the 7.2 million visitors in 2023. With that immense crowd, making your reservations on time is always better. Everything must be done in advance, whether transport bookings or hotel reservations. Also, if you are visiting the fest in a group, you must reserve a table at the beer tents. Otherwise, you might end up standing in lines for hours.

Elevated your worries so far? Wondering how to make all Oktoberfest reservations in stress-free ways? Well, in the next few minutes, you will have your answer book for all queries on Oktoberfest 2024 reservations. To stay a step ahead of everyone, follow this guide to the end and explore how to book transport, make hotel reservations, find a table at beer tents, and when to make reservations!

Oktoberfest Tent Reservations: How to Reserve a Table at Beer Tents?

With millions of guests and only limited tents available, it's wise to consider advance reservations. There are 17 large tents and 21 small tents on the Munich fest ground. Each tent offers a unique ambiance with a distinguishing interior, famous locally brewed beer, Bavarian music, and culinary delights. Each tent has limited seating capacity, with some having the option of an indoor hall and a garden as an outdoor sitting area. By tradition, Beer is served at tables, and you cannot take it outside. Hence, finding a place at a table to enjoy the fest as a whole is crucial. Daring to visit Oktoberfest and leaving it on spontaneous chance would leave you regretting your decision. Therefore, making a timely tent reservation provides hassle-free enjoyment at the fest. But how do you make these reservations? Let’s find out!

Steps to Follow for  Reservations in the Large and Small Oktoberfest Tents
  • Research About the Tent: Research each tent's ambiance before opting for any tent. Look for elements such as:
        1. Seat Availability
        2. Beer Price tags
        3. Bavarian Food Manu
        4. Music Choices
        5. General Ambiance
  • Check for Reservation Openings: Usually, the beer tents announce reservations in the spring season from February to May for the three-week event in September and October. Hence, checking it right after Oktoberfest wouldn’t help!
  • Contact the Tent Directly via Email or Phone: Once you are done with your research about the tent and the seat availability, contact the tent via email or phone at their sites. 
  • Provide Required Information: For reservations, the tent directory might ask you for information such as your identification card number, the number of guests, preferred date and time, and contact details. Some tents may also require a deposit.
  • Confirm Your Reservation: The tent will send you a confirmation email with guidelines and instructions. Follow each instruction, deposit the voucher fee, and save the receipt for Later.
  • Read the Tents Cancellation Policy: Be vigilant about reading and understanding the tents' cancellation policies. Some large tents have minimum consumption charges, which you're expected to spend on food and drink.
  • Which Oktoberfest Tents Offer Advance Reservations?

    Well, every beer tent at Munich Fest offers advance reservations. However, the terms and timings of reservations are different. No online platform works as a central reservation window; each tent has its online portal. Here is the list of large and small tents offering table reservations in advance.

    Large Oktoberfest Tents

    Small Oktoberfest Tents


    Bodo's Cafézelt


    Café Kaiserschmarrn

    Festzelt Tradition

    Café Theres


    Feisinger's Kas- und Weinstubn




    Glöckle Wirt

    Käfer Wies'n-Schänke

    Goldener Hahn

    Kufflers Weinzelt



    Heimer Enten- und Hühnerbraterei

    Marstall Festzelt

    Heinz Wurst- und Hühnerbraterei


    Hühner- und Entenbraterei Ammer

    Paulaner Festzelt

    Kaffeehaferl Schiebl




    Münchner Knödelei


    Münchner Stubn


    Hühner- und Entenbraterei Poschner

    Vinzenzmurr Metzgerstub'n

    Wiesn Guglhupf


    Wirtshaus im Schichtl

    Zur Bratwurst

    When Can You Reserve Tables for the Oktoberfest 2024?

    While some sites claim you can reserve seats right after Oktoberfest, it's fallacious. The reservations open up in spring from February to June. Oktoberfest tents individually schedule their dates for reservation, along with reservation guidelines and required documents. Most of the tents are currently accepting reservations for Oktoberfest 2024 at scheduled times. Visit your favorite tent online and confirm your reservations in no time. 

    Pro Tip:  If you have missed a reservation in your favorite tent, hoop on to find seats from resellers 

    How Much Beer Tent Reservations Cost?

    Oktoberfest reservations are generally free; however, there is a minimum processing fee of 1.1 € to 1.7 €. The Munich administration has approved a minimum voucher fee for every tent. The voucher includes some beer and Bavarian delights. For example, Armbrustschützen-Festzelt offers a voucher with 2 beers and half Hendl. These vouchers cannot be returned, so go for them wisely!

    What are Oktoberfest Reservations Cancellation Policies?

    Changed your mind and are worried about the reservation and vouchers? OKtoberfest tents offer flexible cancellation policies, which typically are conditioned with some fee deduction and have a specific deadline. Generally, the tents deduct 10-15% of the reservation deposit to cancel your reservation. The time for cancellation ends two weeks before the start of the fest. 

    What if You Missed the Reservation Dates? 

    You can resell your reservations legally now on to interested costumes. Unused reservations could be exchanged or sold at the original price. Regardless of why you want to give up your reserved table - be it a scheduling conflict, a change in plans, or other reasons - the sales process is made as smooth as possible here. Secure transaction processing ensures that both the seller and the buyer are protected.

    How Many Table Reservations Can You Make?

    Reservations at beer tents can be made in groups. You can not reserve a single seat. You need to reserve a table for 8-10 people in tents. Small tents have trim table options, but asking for a “table for two” is not an Oktoberfest way!

    How Much is the Ticket for Oktoberfest 2024?

    Come On, you are in Bavaria; you don’t need a ticket to enter Oktoberfest. There is no admission fee whatsoever on entering Thereseinwiese. People often get scammed in the name of entry tickets. Be aware that you don’t need any tokens or entry fees to beer tents except for advance reservations. Other festivities, like Bavarian food amusement parks, charge individual charges for their services. Hence, get on your Lederhosen and Dirndls and let the world witness the craziest Oktoberfest fan this year!

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