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Oktoberfest event

Tick off activities at Oktoberfest 2023: A Must-Attend Event for Mothers and Sisters!

Are you a mom or a girl gang looking for a fun-filled week? Welcome to the Family-friendly Oktoberfest guide, your ultimate source for all the activities in the festival.

So are you aware of Oktoberfest? If not, it's okay! 

It's a time for joyous festivities, delicious food, and vibrant German outfits. We will dig deep into Oktoberfest and how you can make the most of this festival. 

Do you need help with what to wear to complete your festive look? You need not to worry! German outfits are available in wide options to make you look Oktoberfest-appropriate. Oktoberfest wear is the German lederhosen or dirndl worn on the festival. 

In this guide, we will explore a variety of sister and mother-friendly activities to make your Octoberfest experience unforgettable.

In this article you can learn 8 Festivities And Unique Attractions At Oktoberfest

Let's start by knowing a little about the German outfits worn on Oktoberfest.

Embracing the Tradition in the German Outfits

Premium Lederhosen  are not mandatory in Oktoberfest but wearing them keeps the spirit of the festival alive. Only the authentic experience of the festival season can be felt in the trachten wear. You can fully immerse yourself in the tradition and enhance the celebratory spirit by wearing one on dandy dirndl or women's lederhosens.

Let's delve into the paradise of the Men's Authentic Lederhosen and explore the different options available. You can tick off the first task of Oktoberfest- choosing your outfit.

A Classy Choice Lederhosen Costumes

No doubt when it comes to choosing the Oktoberfest wear you can never go wrong with the lederhosen, be it men or women. These traditional Bavarian outfits consist of rustic shirts and  leather shorts made to fit your body contours with the help of suspenders.


A number of ways are there to complete your lederhosen look from classy trachten blouses to cute dirndl blouses.

  • Classic Trachten Blouse: It adds the classy feminine look to your traditional lederhosen costume. These blouses are made in the checked patterns in flattering colors and cuts. Puffy sleeves, cold shoulder cuts, lace around neck and sleeves, you name a style and you will get your trachten blouse made in it.
  • Cute Dirndl Blouse: Usually in black  or white color, dirndl blouses are the cutest option to pair up with your lederhosen. Sensual neck designs, modern lacy fabric and made to fit perfectly on your body are few prominent highlights of these Dirndl blouses.

In Vogue Tratchen for Women and Girls

Trachen wear is the traditional attire solely worn by women and girls. These trendy ensembles feature dirndl, which consists of elegant bodices, blouses, skirts and aprons. These fashionable dresses come in a wide selection of color, cuts, patterns and designs allowing you to choose one that best reflects your style.

You can oomph your look by working on the minute details. Accessorize yourself with the delicate Edelweiss necklace, charming braided hairstyle and a flower crown for an enchanting Oktoberfest look.




only non-synthetic materials are used: wool, linen, silk, silver, mother-of-pear

synthetic materials and plastic products


embroidery, lace and hand-woven materials

machine embroidery and laces


Always the same, never changes

Depends on the current fashion


limited to the traditional form for a given region

no limits - the designer's fantasy is all that matters

Use of Ornament 

careful use of trimmings, focus on quality

abundant use of ornamentation

Buy Your Oktoberfest wears Under One Roof

It is necessary to have all your accessories and German outfits ready before the event. Generally, it's hard to find all the items related to the Oktoberfest under one roof, especially of premium quality. Shop your Dirndl today and  complete your Oktoberfest 2023 look without putting yourself in a hard spot.

Sister- friendly Oktoberfest Activities

Now you are well aware about your choice of stunning German outfits, it's time to look for the sister-friendly Oktoberfest activities you can partake in. These activities ensure inclusiveness and memorable experience for all who step in this fun filled Eve.

  1. Pumpkin Palooza: Unleash Your Carving Imagination!
    2. Costume Parade: A Spectacle of Creativity!
    3. Make your Oktoberfest Dance-a-licious
    4. Embrace the Traditional Game Extravaganza!
    5. Delight in Carnival Thrills and Ferris Wheel Chills!
    6. Imprint your memories in Photo Booth
    7. Participate in Pretzel Baking Workshops
    8. Attend Oktoberfest Themed Parties

Pumpkin Palooza: Unleash Your Carving Imagination!

You don't want to miss your chance on this activity. Pumpkin carving is the perfect activity if you are looking to participate in Oktoberfest with your girlfriends. People gather around with pumpkins of different sizes.

You can let your creativity shine by carving a unique design. From spooky faces to intricate designs, the possibility to showcase your talent is endless. Ta da! It's time to display your pumpkin and illuminate it with candles for illuminating effects.

Costume Parade: A Spectacle of Creativity!

    Women and dresses go hand in hand. No girl wants to miss a chance to flaunt her ensemble. You can organize a costume parade for the whole family to take part in. Encourage your loved ones to don their lederhosens and be creative with their dress selection.

    Men wearing Lederhosen with His Horse

    Embark on a lively procession including everyone from your neighborhood spreading love and joy. While celebrating the Oktoberfest in its true spirit gives you the opportunity to bond and enjoy the festive atmosphere.  

    Make your Oktoberfest Dance-a-licious

      Gather all your favorite sisters and sign up for bavarian style dance classes. Learn all the traditional German folk dances especially Schuhplattler or the Polka. So,you don’t miss the chance to groove along with the crowd.

      This activity is especially for all the dance enthusiasts. Lively and energetic dance performances are the spirit of Oktoberfest. Join the parade of hopping heels to create a lasting memory. 

       Embrace the Traditional Game Extravaganza!

        Traditional games are part and parcel of Oktoberfest. If challenges give you an adrenaline rush, the festival is a must visit for you. Traditional games played are both competitive and challenging.

        Hau den Lukas (high striker) where strongmen challenge their strength and skills. Anyone with money in their pockets do try their luck at the stall. Keg rolling is another fun game you have a choice to take part in. It's simple yet a fun game for an exciting and unique experience. There is a whole list of games you can take part in.

         Delight in Carnival Thrills and Ferris Wheel Chills!

          At any part of the festival if you get tired of the traditional games and activities, Carnival rides are a must try with your friends. Do try sitting on the Ferris wheel to have a full view of the whole festival till your sight wanders. Oktoberfest dedicated amusement park areas should never be left when moving around with your peers. 

          Imprint your memories in Photo Booth

            Preserve your precious memories by visiting the photo booth to collect memories you will cherish for lifelong. Take playful and festive photos in your German outfits, creating lasting mementos of your time with your sisters at Oktoberfest.

            Participate in Pretzel Baking Workshops

              You can delve into the world of Bavarian baking by participating in pretzel baking workshops. You can learn the techniques behind creating the perfect pretzel, from twisting the dough to achieving that golden-brown crust.By the end, you can savor the fruits of your labor by enjoying your freshly baked pretzels.

               Attend Oktoberfest Themed Parties

                Join themed parties that add an extra layer of fun to the Oktoberfest experience. From costume parties to themed nights dedicated to specific music genres, these events allow you to let loose and revel in the festive atmosphere.

                Mother-friendly activities at Oktoberfest
                Are you a mother seeking to immerse herself in the festive spirit of Oktoberfest? While this Volksfest is widely related to beer, it has something for everyone. There are plenty of mom-friendly activities to enjoy at Oktoberfest.

                1. Dive into Fun Fair Frenzy!
                  2. Joining Guided Tours
                  3. Taking a Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride
                  4. Attending Bavarian Craft Workshops
                  5. Experiencing Traditional Folk Dances
                  6. Visiting the Oktoberfest Museum
                  7. Dancing to Live Music
                  8. Relaxing in Beer Gardens

                 Dive into Fun Fair Frenzy!

                  Oktoberfest offers a wide array of fun fair activities that cater to families. From thrilling rides to games and amusements, there's something for everyone. It will give you a chance to bond with your children over merry-go-rounds, Ferris wheels, and exciting games. You can create lasting memories amidst the lively atmosphere of the festival.

                   Joining Guided Tours

                    You can join the guided tours that cater specifically to families, to make the most of your Oktoberfest experience. These tours provide valuable insights into the festival's history, traditions, and attractions.

                    Being a mother you can benefit from the guidance of knowledgeable tour guides. These tours ensure an enriching and enjoyable experience for the whole family. You can discuss and share the gathered information from the Oktoberfest over the dinner table to impart the gained knowledge to your children.

                    Taking a Horse-Drawn Carriage Ride

                      Relive your childhood days and make the most of the time spent on the Oktoberfest by taking one of the carriage rides. You won't regret diving into the bandwagon for taking a chance to enjoy this unique and charming experience. While enjoying the leisurely carriage ride you can enjoy with your mom clan in a delightful way. Sit back, relax and breathe in the festive air as you gaze around and soak all the best of these moments. 

                       Attending Bavarian Craft Workshops

                        Engage your creative side by attending Bavarian craft workshops held during Oktoberfest. These workshops offer hands-on experiences where mothers and their children can learn traditional crafts such as embroidery, pottery, or woodworking. It's a wonderful opportunity to bond as a family while immersing yourselves in the artistry of Bavarian culture.

                         Experiencing Traditional Folk Dances

                          Witness the beauty and grace of traditional Bavarian folk dances. Oktoberfest stages host performances by dance troupes dressed in vibrant costumes, showcasing the cultural heritage of the region. Mothers and their families can marvel at the intricate choreography and be captivated by the rhythmic movements that tell stories through dance.

                          Visiting the Oktoberfest Museum

                            The Oktoberfest Museum offers a glimpse into the fascinating history of the festival. Mothers can take their children on an educational journey, learning about the origins, traditions, and evolution of Oktoberfest. The museum provides an interactive experience that engages visitors of all ages, making it an ideal activity for families.

                            Dancing to Live Music

                            Get your feet tapping to the lively tunes of traditional Bavarian music. Oktoberfest stages are filled with live bands playing festive melodies. Mothers can join in the fun, dance with their children, and embrace the joyous atmosphere that fills the air. It's an opportunity to let loose and enjoy the vibrant spirit of the festival.

                             Relaxing in Beer Gardens

                              While beer consumption might be the main highlight of Oktoberfest for many, there are also serene beer gardens where you can unwind and enjoy the festival ambiance without the focus on alcohol. These tranquil spaces provide an ideal setting for mothers to relax, socialize, and spend quality time with their loved ones.

                              Tips to attend the Oktoberfest

                              Be mindful about a few things before joining the million at Oktoberfest.

                              1. Tie your dirndl bow carefully. How you have tied up says everything about your relationship status.

                              2. Choose to wear the comfiest pair of shoes as you may have a long day ahead.

                              3. Be mindful of how much you drink. Excessive drinking can land you in an emergency.

                              4. Stick with the people you choose to go to.

                              5. Hold tight of your belongings 

                              6. Familiarize Yourself with Emergency Contacts

                              7. Since you have decided to join the Oktoberfest, make sure you have fun and embrace the Spirit of celebration

                              Enjoy the Festive Spirit of Oktoberfest!

                              Now you know Oktoberfest is not only about beer drinking. There are plenty of fun activities awaiting for you at the Oktoberfest whether you are a mother or young girl. You have a list of activities to partake in.
                              Don your German Outfits, gather your bestfriends and devour the pretzels at this oktoberfest. Don’t shy away from flaunting your Oktoberfest wears

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