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What to Wear to Oktoberfest 2024- A Dress Code Guide for Beginners

Key Takeaways 

  • Lederhosen for men and Dirndl for women are the official outfits to wear to  Oktoberfest.
  • Men’s Lederhosen come in various qualities based on the type of leather used. Bavarian shirts, Suspenders, Haferl shoes, and Socks accessorize the Oktoberfest attire.
  • A Dirndl outfit for Oktoberfest consists of a Skirt, Bodice, Blouse, and Apron.
  • Oktoberfest Wear offers premium-quality Lederhosen and Dirndl outfits in multiple design options for Oktoberfest 2024.

Adequately dressing is a significant part of every event, and Oktoberfest 2024 will be no different. As the festival season arrives, the question of 'What to wear to Oktoberfest?' is in high trend. Although it is a matter of personal choice, wearing the traditional Bavarian outfits at the Oktoberfest is recommended as it honors the culture and values of the locals. Lederhosen and Dirndl are the official Oktoberfest costumes that most locals and tourists in every age group wear. Oktoberfest is a spectacular celebration of tradition and cultural identity, and traditional costumes play an essential role in preserving the festival's authenticity. Wearing an authentic Lederhosen or Dirndl awakens your inner Bavarian spirit and helps you blend into the festive celebrations. 

Whether you're choosing the classic Lederhosen for men or the elegant Dirndl for women, Oktoberfest Wear has got you covered. Our store features a wide range of premium-quality Lederhosen and Dirndl outfits that will help you dress uniquely for the upcoming Oktoberfest 2024.   

What is the Traditional Clothing for Oktoberfest?

Bavarian-style clothing is considered the ideal choice when choosing an Oktoberfest dress. Lederhosen for men and Dirndl for women have a longstanding history, emerging as the dress for peasants and farmers. The centuries-long association of Lederhosen and Dirndl with Bavarian culture and their part in the upbringing of the initial Oktoberfest celebrations have led them to become the official Oktoberfest attire in 1887. 

Info: Lederhosen, since its inception has been a functional outfit. It is made from top-quality leather that can keep your body warm in cold temperatures and cold in the hotter days.

Dress Code for Women at Oktoberfest

Dirndl is the official dress code for women attending Oktoberfest. It is a significant part of the celebrations and allows for a lot of room to be playful and choose from what is trending in the Dirndl world.

Dirndl Dress

For starters, a Dirndl is a traditional Bavarian-style dress with three main components: 

  • The Dirndl Dress (Containing the Bodice and Skirt)
  • Blouse
  • Apron
  • Modern variations of Dirndl dresses contain the bodice and skirt as separate elements. The German Dirndl comes in different colors, designs, and styles, but the basic silhouette of the costume is the same for all dresses. With infinite fabric options, colors, and patterns, it is okay to feel overwhelmed. Petite or plus size, you can never go wrong with choosing the right Dirndl to wear to Oktoberfest. 

    The Dirndl is tight on the upper body and flowy on the bottom. Pairing the skirt with the petticoat underneath increases its fullness to give a Cinderella feel. 

    The Trending Colors and Patterns of Dirndl

    Our online store offers women's Oktoberfest costumes in many modern and vintage colors and designs. Jewel-colored Dirndls like vintage brown, golden yellow and midnight blue are evergreen in all seasons, so if you're unsure what's trending in 2024, go for this color palette. Soft Pastels like rose pink, powder blue, and mint green are popular hues, especially praised among young girls.

    Gingham checks, chevrons, and houndstooths are some trendy Dirndl patterns. The designer and regional influence is evident in these Bavarian dresses; for instance, a pocket is only seen in the German-made Dirndl apron. Since branded Dirndl is a bit pricey, look for the best deals and discounts on the Oktoberfest Wear online store. 

    Dirndl Blouse 

    The Dirndl blouse has too many fabrication options, from simple cotton to sheer chiffon or lace. White is the most obvious color for a blouse; black is another popular choice for Oktoberfest. The neckline and the sleeves of the blouse make it from ordinary to extraordinary. Here are the choices you may come across when buying a Dirndl blouse:

    • Short sleeves, square neckline, breezy cotton white blouse
    • Teardrop closed collar black lace Dirndl blouse
    • White standup collar neckline with full sleeves 
    • White or black lace trim on the square neck
    • Sweetheart neckline with short sleeves

    Note: Be aware that the blouse is not to cover your entire torso; that’s what the bodice does.

    Dirndl Skirt

    When you say ‘Styles’ of Dirndl, it essentially refers to the size of the Dirndl skirt. It comes in three different lengths, each suited for a specific occasion and designed for women of every age group.  

    • Mini Dirndl: It is cut just above the knees with a hem length of around 50-60 cm. Mini Dirndls look youthful and allow you to move freely while showing off the legs. 
    • Midi Dirndl: It measures 65cm and reaches to the knees or a little below. This style is more prevalent, with 85-90% of women wearing it. Midi Dirndl skirt is considered the right balance between traditional and modern choices.
    • Maxi Dirndl: You can see this on a fraction of elderly women, looking classy yet graceful. It measures 90 cm in length and sometimes goes way below the knees to the ankle. 

    Dirndl Apron

    The apron makes the Dirndl uniquely Bavarian, with many fabric options and accentuations (ruffles, lace trims, or embroidery). It comes in a deal with the costume, but to upgrade the existing style, it is suggested that a new apron be paired with a Dirndl each time. The bow of the Dirndl Apron highlights the marital status of the women. 

    Sides of Bow Knot










    Pro Tip: Tying the Dirndl knot is considered one of the most important etiquettes. Follow these steps to make an ideal bow knot:

    • Step 1: Make a loop with the left tie
    • Step 2: Bring the right tie over the left loop 
    • Step 3: Move it around, creating a second loop
    • Step 4:  Push the right loop through the left loop and pull it tight. The bow is ready. 

    Women’s Lederhosen to Replace Dirndl

    Women's Lederhosen are gaining popularity these days at Oktoberfest. If you don’t want to wear Dirndls but stay traditional, women’s Lederhosen are a safe choice. Women's leather shorts reach above the knees and come in shades of brown to black, mostly adorned with embroidery. 

    Leather skirts are also an option for traditional clothing at Oktoberfest, and they can easily be found in the women's costume category at our online store.

    Accessories to Pair with Women's Oktoberfest Clothing

    Accessories are the vitamins to the fashion-as such; you should use them liberally.” So is the case with a Dirndl or women's Lederhosen, which looks incomplete without jewelry, shoes, a purse, or a suspender (in case of Lederhosen).  

    Dirndl Shoes 

    Mary Janes are a popular shoe choice for women, but anything resembling them works fine. Sneakers, block-heel sandals, or boots can also be seen at Oktoberfest celebrations. 

    Our store brings a new Dirndl shoe collection each year, featuring a wide selection of colors, designs, and sizes. Match the vintage brown leather shoes, or go for a classic black to complement your Dirndl. 

    Traditional Dirndl Socks

    You can wear various socks with the Dirndl outfit, based on what style you want to create. Stockings will be the best option if you're wearing a mini Dirndl. They are essentially long socks that reach over the knees. For perfect styling, wear skin or white-colored stockings with a bow on top that matches the bow on the Dirndl apron. Shorter length socks will be much suitable for midi-length and maxi-length Dirndls.  

    Crossbody Bags and Purse

    Your Dirndl apron mostly has a small front pocket to carry your cell phone or cash. If you still require something to hold the small loads, remember that bags over 3L aren't allowed inside the Oktoberfest grounds. So, go for a small, handy crossbody Traditional Dirndl bag that looks classy yet functional and fits in a few bare essentials. If you're wearing a purse for fashion, a leather purse adorned with embroidery on the front side and a tidy strap will elevate any outfit.  


    Regular jewelry serves the purpose well, but contemporary Oktoberfest jewelry elevates your overall style. You can pair an Edelweiss necklace or pretzel pendant with the Dirndl dress for a unique look. Similarly, Oktoberfest themed earrings will be an ideal accessory, but a pair of small pearl or diamond studs will serve the purpose equally well. 

    The Best from Women’s Oktoberfest 2024 Lookbooks

    The Dirndl dress is a versatile option for Oktoberfest and can be adorned in various modern and classical styles. There are several unique options for women of every age and fashion sense. However, the authentic Dirndl dress is maxi-length and matched with lace-up or Mary Janes for a traditional look. 

    The Traditional Dirndl Look

    The vintage Dirndls in velvet, silk, or cotton with a plain skirt printed apron and embroidered bodice, paired with a white blouse and traditional Bavarian jewelry, create an authentic German look. These Dirndls should be paired with pumps or Mary Janes, a braided bun, and soft makeup. 

    The Modern Dirndl Look

    Modern Dirndls are sleeker and feature trending patterns, like pastels and jewel colors. Modern all-black Dirndls paired with pearl studs, side braids, and dewy makeup paired with block-closed shoes create a cool, modern Oktoberfest look.

    Dress Code for Men at Oktoberfest

    Men's Oktoberfest costumes are simpler than those of women. The central part is Lederhosen. The ideal choice is to wear an authentic brown Lederhosen, a white checkered shirt, and brown Haferl shoes. You can choose from various options available at our online store for a vintage or modern look. 


    Lederhosen is the outfit for men to wear at Oktoberfest for an authentic Bavarian look. These German leather shorts emerged between the 16 and 18th centuries as cloth for miners and peasants, but their versatility and functionality made them a popular dress choice for Oktoberfest.  The lederhosen is made of real leather from deerskin, goatskin, or cowhide and is available in brown and black colors to match the authentic Oktoberfest vibe.
    Our store brings a new Lederhosen men collection for the upcoming Oktoberfest with different colors, designs, and sizes paired with belt or suspenders. We cater to all needs, presenting premium class expensive costumes to affordable budgetary solutions. 

    You will find the following key features in our lederhosen:

    • A side knife pocket
    • Alpine Embroidery
    • Adjustable waistband
    • Suspenders

    Which Lederhosen Style to Choose? 

    Lederhosen comes in different leather options, each having its own peculiar standing. The most common material-based types of Lederhosen are:

    • Deerskin lederhosen- A premium version that appears costly but equally luxurious. 
    • Goatskin lederhosen- An exceptionally durable and budget-friendly option. 
    • Cowhide Lederhosen- A sturdy choice for outdoor wear and tear. 

    Oktoberfest leather breeches come in long or short lengths to cater to the diverse needs of all ages: 

  • Kurze Lederhosen: They are short leather pants that go above the knees, commonly seen at Oktoberfest, and are especially popular among young lads.
  • Kniebundhosen: This is also called Bundhosen and is the most worn style at Oktoberfest. These leather pants go to the knees or a little below the knee. 
  • Pro Tip: If you are a bit shy and don’t want to expose yourself much in Lederhosen, Bundhosen is an elegant and sophisticated option. 

    What are the Common Colors of Lederhosen?

    Brown is the natural color of the leather and a prevalent choice for Lederhosen; however, leather breeches come in black, gray, forest green, and rarely in the shade of brick red. Denim Lederhosen has become an internet sensation, but surely not for Oktoberfest. Two-toned leather breeches with washed shades of gray, black, and brown have also become a thing in modern Oktoberfest. 

    Lederhosen Suspenders

    The Lederhosen Suspenders are an important accessory in men’s Oktoberfest outfits to lift the leather shorts. They are made from premium leather similar to Lederhosen and come in clip-on, buttoned, or adjustable strap closures. There is no official style of Lederhosen suspenders, but the three most commonly used are:

    • X-Style: A less common style with the Lederhosen, these Trachten braces are designed to add a touch of style to your outfit. The front straps attach to the waistband or the Lederhosen, and the back straps cross over each other, creating a distinctive X-shape.
    • H-Style: The authentic H-style suspenders feature a straight-across design with two straps connecting at the back. They offer better support and stability, making them ideal for those planning lively dancing or other physical activities. 
    • Y-Style: They have two straps at the front of the suspenders attached to the waistband of the Lederhosen. The third strap runs up the back and connects to the center of the Y. 

    Suspenders are often sold alongside Lederhosen with matching embroidery to elevate the Oktoberfest look.

    Norwegerhosenträger is a suspender suitable for heavy leather breeches and comes in shades of brown and black to match your lederhosen.

    Trachten Shirt 

    An ideal combination of shirts and Lederhosen can enhance your Oktoberfest experience and help you stand out. Lederhosen is paired with a traditional shirt, for which there are two common choices: a plain, crisp white/off-white shirt or a colored checkered shirt. The plain white choice is excellent for a neat look, but there will be a lot of spilling at the Oktoberfest. The colored lederhosen shirts come in blue, green, or red checkered patterns. These shirts are typically made of high-quality cotton or linen. These materials are chosen for their breathability, comfort, and durability, making them ideal for wearing during Oktoberfest and other festive occasions. 

    Lederhosen T-Shirt 

    Breaking the stereotypical chains, our latest outfit range to wear to Oktoberfest also features. These Tees feature Alpine graphics in the center and are available in a huge variety of colors. Look at them for the exemplary fusion of vintage charm with modern fashion trends. 

    Men's Lederhosen Accessories 

    The Lederhosen look isn’t complete without accessories. Our store offers all authentic solutions from head to toe to complement the leather shorts. Be it any color, any size, or any pattern- We have it all,

    Bavarian Socks

    Lederhosen looks great with cable-knitted Bavarian socks, usually in two styles: two-part loferl socks and single knee-length stocking style.  Both come in different earthly tones like white, gray, blue, or black, with knitted designs on the trims. These Loferl socks are made of wool blends, ensuring warmth during cold Oktoberfest breeze.

    Bavarian Haferl Shoes

    The lederhosen goes traditional with Haferl shoes in authentic leather shades of brown or black. The Bavarian Haferl shoe body is crafted from authentic deerskin with a uniquely found side lace design. These sturdy shoes come with Alpine motifs and detailings, ensuring comfort during the long days at Oktoberfest.

    Bavarian Belt: Accessory Alternative

    A belt is a premium option for wearing Lederhosen. Our Lederhosen belts come with solid metal buckles featuring Alpine mountains, stags, or deer patterns. 

    Did you know- Germans prefer to wear a belt with Lederhosen, while Americans prefer suspenders? Know your preferences before making a purchase.

    Oktoberfest Waistcoat

    For a more detailed formal look, the Oktoberfest waistcoat comes in handy and is a great accessory for slightly chilly Oktoberfest days or nights. Our trachten waistcoat collection has every color you can think of and every fabric to match, whether festive or casual. Explore these button-down lederhosen waistcoats and complete your Oktoberfest look in style. 

    Alpine Hat

    Bavarian hats, also known as Alpine Hats or Tyrolean hats, are made from green felt and are another accessory commonly seen at Oktoberfest. These traditional hats are embellished with decorated pins, apart from the traditional brush “gamsbart” made from the back of chamois antelope. Sometimes, it may also be referred to as a gamsbart hat. They come in universal leather colors such as brown or black to match the leather shorts. 

    The Best from Men’s Oktoberfest  2024 Lookbooks

    With the recent surge in popularity of men's Lederhosen, many new designs and color shades have been introduced. For Oktoberfest 2024, you can choose between vintage brown and gray for a classical look and night black and forest green for a modern look. 

    The Regal Formal Look

    The premium deerskin lederhosen or bundhosen is the best choice for a formal look. The brown and black lederhosen accentuated with brown embroidery, accessorized with a crisp white lederhosen shirt, matching color suspenders, Haferl shoes, and Loferl socks, make a very clean formal look for the Oktoberfest. An alternate option is a belt in place of suspenders.

    The Casual Look

    Printed graphic shirts and lederhosen paired with leather suspenders, socks, and Bavarian Oktoberfest shoes create a casual look for Oktoberfest. Polo shirts and colored checkered shirts with authentic lederhosen in gray or camel brown are great choices for a smart casual look. 

    Where to Buy Outfits to Wear to Oktoberfest?

    Oktoberfest outfits can be bought online from our store. We have recently launched our new arrivals to wear to Oktoberfest. This 2024 collection of Lederhosen and Dirndl is available at sale prices and premium quality to make your purchase worth it. From handmade lederhosen and Dirndl to accessories, we have everything made with premium fabric and Bavarian designs, ensuring durability and comfort. Want to avoid the fear of missing out? Have a look at a few up-to-date styles for Oktoberfest on our website. 

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