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Rhode Island Oktoberfest: A Celebration of Bavarian Tradition

Date: 16 September-20 October

Timing: 1- 6 PM

Location: Areas like Newport, Providence, Pawtucket, Warren, Narragansett, and Cranston annually celebrate Oktoberfest in the state of Rhode Island.

Rhode Island, famous for its rich cultural history, colorful culture, and traditions, is not the one to miss out on Oktoberfest traditions. Locals and visitors gather to celebrate and enjoy authentic German beer, food, wine, and live music.

Major Oktoberfest Celebrations in Rhode Island

Some significant places that celebrate Oktoberfest in Rhode Island are:

GACSRI, Rhode Island Oktoberfest Celebration

The GACSRI (German American Cultural Society of Rhode Island) is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving German heritage. It celebrates Oktoberfest at 78 Carter Avenue, Pawtucket. 

The highlight of this event is the keg tapping, which follows the German mayor’s tradition. Other than that, there is a lot of authentic German beer and delicious food. This festival lasts all day, usually between September 30 and October 1.

Providence, Rhode Island Oktoberfest Celebration

The Providence Oktoberfest, which lasts two days, is held at Alex and Ani City Center in downtown Providence. A large crowd attends it yearly, and the location varies yearly. 

Arranged by the RI Waterfront Events, it’s an annual reunion of friends and family to enjoy Bavaria's tastes, sights, and sounds in Providence, Rhode Island. The dates of the Providence Oktoberfest are 24th September and 25th September, and the timing is divided into two sessions:

Session 1: 12 pm to 4 pm

Session 2: 5 pm to 9 pm

Newport, Rhode Island Oktoberfest Celebration 

Newport celebrates Oktoberfest with dancing and beer. At the festival, you can sing and dance along to an authentic five-piece German band performing German music. 

At the Newport Festival, all attendees will receive a 0.5L Glass Stein that will be refilled for free throughout the day. Ragged Island sponsors the Newport, Rhode Island festival, which will be held on Saturday, September 28, 2024.

Date and Timing of Oktoberfest Rhode Island

Usually starting as autumn approaches, Oktoberfest is celebrated in Rhode Island from mid-September to October. It starts in September because the weather conditions are more favorable during that time.

The Oktoberfest timing starts at 2 PM in most cities of Rhode Island. The celebration of bratwursts and pretzels goes on till late evening, usually after the sun sets, the drinking becomes wilder and lasts up to 10 PM.

Oktoberfest Rhode Island Tickets and Bookings

Tickets are available online and can be booked through Ticketmaster. Tickets purchased online would cost $10 (+ applicable fees), while tickets purchased at the door on the day of the event would cost $12. 

The tickets for Rhode Island Oktoberfest celebrations, notably Newport, include the festival entrance and a stein glass that could be used for beer the whole day. Designated Driver tickets are also available at $20-$25.Children under 12 are not required a ticket to attend the festival.

Tickets are non-refundable; however, you can sell them if you buy them and can’t attend the event.

Dress Code for Oktoberfest Rhode Island

The dress code for Oktoberfest worldwide is Trachten, consisting of Lederhosen for Men and Dirndl for Women. The men’s outfit has leather pants, a white shirt, and suspenders to hold the leather pants in place.

The traditional outfit for women consists of a skirt, blouse, bodice, and apron. Wearing the Trachten is optional, but to get into the proper festive spirit, it’s advisable to wear traditional Bavarian clothing.

Tips For Making the Most of Oktoberfest Rhode Island:

  • Rhode Island is burgeoning with excellent local beers, so take this opportunity to explore local beers as well
  • Consider using public transportation or carpooling with friends to avoid parking hassles
  • Carry a charged camera with you so you can capture all the happy, memorable moments


Where is Oktoberfest in Rhode Island?

The locations vary yearly, but common locations include waterfront parks, historic sites like Fort Adams, and different event grounds.

What activities are available at Rhode Island Oktoberfest?

At the Oktoberfest celebrations in Newport, there are many activities, such as folk dances, live music performances, costume competitions, and beer tastings from local and German breweries.

Is the Rhode Island Oktoberfest family-friendly?

Yes, you can bring your whole family as the festival offers activities and entertainment designed for each age group.


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