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Oktoberfest In Georgia Celebrations

Georgia and Oktoberfest go hand in hand. You may ask why. Well, did you know that Georgia is the birthplace of wine? So, it makes total sense that the world’s biggest beer fest will also be celebrated here. From the Bavarian-style village of Helen to the Tuckstoberfest in Tucker, Georgia, plays its part in maintaining German culture in the United States.

Locations of Oktoberfest Georgia:

Locations of major Oktoberfest celebrations in Georgia include:

  • Helen:Helen Festhalle1074 Edelweiss Strasse Helen, GA 30545
  • Tucker: Tucker Brewing Co. in Tucker, Georgia, near Stone Mountain
  • Carrolton: 940 Columbia Dr, Carrollton

Some Major Oktoberfest Celebrations In Georgia

Georgia offers some of the best Oktoberfest celebrations in several different places, such as:

Oktoberfest Helen, Georgia

Georgia is very dedicated to Oktoberfest, which has been held in the Bavarian-style village of Helen since 1970. This Helen Oktoberfest is the longest-running Oktoberfest in Georgia's history, and visitors from all over the world come here to experience the taste of Germany in the North Georgia Mountains.

From mid-September to late October, Oktoberfest in Helen gives attendees a sneak peek into Georgia's changing seasons and welcomes the warmer colors of autumn with a blast.

The Georgia Oktoberfest Parade begins at noon on Saturday, September 7, and all adults will have their ID checked at the door. The tapping of the first keg of Oktoberfest will take place immediately after the parade at the Fussen Biergarten. Smoking and Pets will not be allowed in the 2024 Georgia Oktoberfest. The ticket pricing is mentioned below:

  • Monday – Thursday: $10.00
    Friday/Saturday: $12.00
  • Friday/Saturday pass: $20.00
    Sunday: FREE!

Oktoberfest Tucker, Georgia

Near the Stone Mountains in Tucker, Tucktoberfest is a several-week celebration of games, live music, pretzels, polka bands, German cuisine, and fun games arranged by the Tucker Brewing Co. This event also offers Tucktoberfest’s classic Märzen Lager, which is a favorite among the attendees. Be sure to sample the brewery’s other German-styled, flavorful beers.

Doors open at 2 p.m., and live music by Tuten Polka fills the air from 2 to 5 p.m.This is followed by a stein-holding competition and a pretzel-eating contest at 5 p.m. To top all that, a session of Wiener Toss takes place, and then The Mad Hatters take the stage from 7 to 10 p.m.It is an enjoyable and relaxing day full of games and fun activities for the whole family.

Oktoberfest Carrolton, Georgia

Spread across Printer Ale’s brewery’s 15 acres of ground, a vibrant annual celebration of Munich Oktoberfest is held in American style. Featuring hourly beer releases, a stein-hoisting competition, and food trucks, this event is sure to make you have the best night.

Cozy up with your lawn chairs, blankets, and family and enjoy the live music and karaoke sessions. Don’t forget to bring home a unique stein and a T-shirt to remember the festival.

Date and Time of Oktoberfest Georgia

Oktoberfest in Georgia occurs every year between September 5 and October 27, mainly over the weekends. The weather is favorable during this time, making it ideal for outdoor activities.
Helen: Sept 5 – 8, 2024     (Thursday – Sunday)
Sept 12 – 15, 2024  (Thursday – Sunday)
Sept 19 – 22, 2024  (Thursday – Sunday)
Sept 26 – Oct 27, 2024   (nightly)

Tucker: Sept. 16 - Oct. 1
Carrolton: Sept. 23

Dress Code for Oktoberfest Georgia

There is no specific dress code for attending Oktoberfest. If you like to dress in traditional German clothing, you can find many attendants wearing lederhosen men and dirndls. If your preferences are more towards the simpler side, you can dress usually, and there are no hard and fast rules.

Tips For Making the Most of Oktoberfest Georgia

  • Bring cash with you, as some vendors might not accept cards. Even if they do, it is always best to keep some money with you during Oktoberfest in case of emergencies.
  • Make friends and be kind to everyone, including the vendors and event planners. You never know how much effort someone puts into an event; your kindness can make their day.
  • If you’re dressing the part, properly research how to wear the dirndl dresses or lederhosen before you go there, as it could be a bit tricky to figure out at the last minute.


What is Oktoberfest in Georgia?

Georgia holds one of the longest-running Oktoberfest in the village of  Helen, which has been going on since 1970. Apart from this, several other prominent locations like Carrolton and Tucker annually arrange Oktoberfest celebrations

What to wear at Oktoberfest in Helen?

The outfits mostly worn in Munich Oktoberfest celebrations are lederhosen for men and Dirndl dresses for women. However, Georgia has no official dress code; you can wear whatever you are comfortable with.

How much does it cost to go to Oktoberfest in Georgia?

The Oktoberfest in Georgia offers very reasonable rates for both kids and adults. The price for adults is typically  $10-$12, and for children, it's half the price. These rates are mostly charged for services provided at the festival and to ensure the smooth functioning of the event.

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