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How to Buy Lederhosen | Factors to Consider During Purchase

It has become a tradition to buy Lederhosen around Oktoberfest season. Bavarian tailors and specialty stores stock up the displays with their latest designs when Beerfest is approaching. With Forbes reporting that “34% people shop online once a week,” a massive increase in online Bavarian Oktoberfest wear shops can also be seen, making Lederhosen shopping accessible for everyone. With so much choice around, buying leather breeches can be overwhelming. Keeping an eye on a few things can solve this gremlin for life. After buying lederhose, choosing the right accessories becomes easier.

What Factors to Account for Buying Lederhosen?

The key ingredients for shopping for Bavarian Trachten pants are authenticity, size, and price; in one way or another, all these factors are interlinked. 


Genuine leather is the heart and soul of the Bavarian trachten, and it is the number one factor considered when it comes to the authenticity of leather breeches. A few leather types are considered top-grade for crafting authentic leather breeches, but some other factors also differentiate authentic leather from the rest.

Type of Leather Used 

Men’s Lederhosen is available in different types of genuine leather, generally sourced from animal hide.

The deerskin is considered the best choice for crafting premium lederhosen due to its characteristics like:

  1. Softness
  2. Breathability 
  3. Beautiful drape
  4. Resilence 
  5. Durable
  6. Pest repellent

With the above characteristics and brain tanning technique, Buckskin can easily cost around $10- $15 per square foot. However, cheaper hides can be obtained commercially. These hides are processed using different techniques. Commercially-tanned leather for lederhosen doesn't wear anywhere near the brain-tanned buckskin.

Split Cowhide

Cowhides are thick. Split cowhide lederhosen is mostly manufactured of "split suede leather" or "velour." The tanning process enhances the natural appearance of this split leather, which is also applied to the goatskin and is known as "chamois tanning." Split Cowhide is chosen for lederhosen because of its characteristics, such as;

  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Natural beauty
  • Resistant to deterioration
  • Value for money (most importantly)


Goatskin is naturally tough and resilient, making it a great choice for getting plenty of use out of Lederhosen. Unlike cowhide, which can be stiff initially, goatskin is known for its comfortable suppleness. Goaksin is also “chamois tanned,” giving a feel very similar to deerskin but in a budget-friendly manner. Some of the common characteristics of deerskin are;

  • Durability
  • Strength
  • Comfort fit
  • Supple
  • Value for money

Genuine Design

The design of the authentic leather breeches worn in Bavaria is very different from the other regional variations available. Some of the things commonly found in the Oktoberfest leather breeches are;

  • The Length Cut: While other regional variations are found only in shorts style, mostly Bavarian Lederhose can be found in three varying lengths: kurze lederhosen, bundhosen, and lederhosen lang. Kurze lederhosen falls above the knees, bundhosen falls below the knees above the ankle, and the lederhosen long reaches the ankle. 
  • Bib Front: The signature bib, called a "Latz," protects the upper body while providing additional storage space. It's often secured with adjustable straps or buckles.
  • Leather Flap (Fallklappen): A functional element, the flap covers the front closure and protects the buttons or laces from dirt and wear.
  • Pockets: Genuine Lederhosen typically have two front pockets, a coin pocket integrated into the bib, and sometimes a signature knife pocket, which was used for hunting knives.
  • Horn Buttons: Traditional lederhosen is embellished with natural horn buttons. These decorative buttons are added to complement the leather material with their rustic charm.


Embroidery is an essential component of authentic leather breeches. Bavarian leather pants embroidery has a long-standing history. A specific embroidery technique is used in crafted authentic leather breeches. With the help of a needle, the pattern is sewn into the leather, and using hand embroidery techniques, the designs, which are usually the edelweiss flowers, oak leaves, stag, or coat of arm are sewn on the lederhosen. The embroidered motifs are usually made on the bib, along the trim of the side pocket, the knife pocket and sometimes along the lengths and back pocket as well.  

Lederhosen Size Guide 

One simple rule regarding size is that Lederhosen should be body-hugging tight.” Lederhosen is sold in EU sizing.  Some also provide sizing charts in the UK/USA, but these differ from the standard clothing charts. To find the right fit for the lederhosen beside the waist measurement, consider taking these additional measurements for optimal comfort.

  • Inseam: Take measurements from the crotch seam down to the desired length (knee-length or calf-length).
  • Thigh: Measure around the fullest part of the thigh for the right fit.

Many retailers provide a conversion chart to help convert the size of the usual jeans into a corresponding lederhosen size. Here's a general guideline:

  • Size EU 46 Lederhosen: Fits a 30-31 inch jeans waist
  • Size EU 48 Lederhosen: Fits a 32-33 inch jeans waist
  • Size EU 50 Lederhosen: Fits a 33-34 inch jeans waist

Lederhosen Prices

Lederhosen prices range from a few hundred to thousands of euros based on the leather used, the craftsmanship, and the customization. 

  • Budget-friendly: Industrial cow or goat suede leather is the most affordable option, with prices starting under €100 (roughly $119).
  • Mid-range: Higher-quality cow or deer leather falls into the mid-range, typically €100-€500 ($119-$595). This offers a good balance of price and durability. The leather used is genuine and is not customized pieces, thus lowering the price.
  • Top-shelf:  The finest leather breeches, the crème de la crème of lederhosen, known as “premium lederhosen” can easily cost €1,000 ($1,190) and even above. This Lederhosen can offer buffed deer skin handcrafted Bavarian shorts that are reserved for unmatched sophistication. Customized Lederhosen trousers like Tom Brady TB12 logo customized Lederhosen shorts are a work of art.

What Accessories to Buy with Lederhosen?

Bavarian leather shorts are incomplete without the Bavarian Lederhosen accessories. These accessories bring out the whole Oktoberfest look together. Some of the accessories to be incorporated into the leather pants look are;

  • Bavarian leather suspender or leather metallic
  • Trachten shirt (Plain or Checkered)
  • Loferl socks
  • Bavarian leather shoes or boots
  • Okotberfest vest (optional)
  • Chivari (Optional)
  • Bavarian hat (optional)


Why are lederhosen so expensive?

Authentic Lederhosen is made of leather, a costly material. The most expensive Lederhosen are made of deerskin, which is famous for its characteristics. These leather shorts are the softest and most aesthetically pleasing, and they age well. 

Is it easy to buy lederhosen in Munich?

Many traditional shops can be found in Munich, offering Bavarian clothes to fit any budget. They cater to international customers. Also, many of them offer an easy-to-buy “Lederhosen set for beginners,” which is an affordable way to dip your toe into Bavarian fashion.

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