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How Premium Lederhosen Is Different From Normal Lederhosen?

Lederhosen, the icon of Bavarian heritage, comes in different types, especially when it comes to the choice of material. Regular Lederhosen pants are made from cowhide or goatskin, whereas top-grade deerskin leather is used to make “Premium Lederhosen.” Craftsmanship, detailing, and tailoring are also some of the criteria for which premium-made leather breeches stand at the apex. Only specialized tailor working for generations have perfected their craft, thus charging nearly fifteen hundred euros for a minimum for Bavarian premium lederhosen.

What Makes Premium Leather Breeches Stand Out?

Craftsmanship, detailing, and tailoring all cost a good amount for a reason. The premium lederhosen has;

1. Premium Lederhosen Made of Premium Leather

The deerskin is used for crafting premium leather breeches, while cowhide and goatskin are used in regular men’s lederhosen. The use of deerskin in premium leather breeches is done for a reason. The characteristics of deer or buck hide make it the best possible choice in any way for making Bavarian shorts. 

Deerskin is awarded for its exceptional softness and suppleness. Unlike cowhide, which can be stiff and require a break-in period, deerskin takes the body's shape from the first time it's worn. 


Deerskin provides more than just supple. Despite its comfortable feel, deerskin is surprisingly very strong leather. Its tight grain structure makes it highly resistant to tears and abrasions.


Deerskin-made premium Lederhosen is lightweight and ages really well. It lasts for generations, so deerskin lederhosen is a one-time investment. 

2. The Delicate Detailing of Lederhosen

The intricate detailing is one key element that elevates a pair of lederhosen from regular to premium. These details serve a purpose and showcase the fine craftsmanship apart from adding to the beauty of Bavarian breeches.


Embroidery is a common embellishment found in almost every pair of lederhosen. Motifs like edelweiss flowers, stags, oak leaves, or intricate geometric patterns were traditionally stitched onto the bib (Latz) and legs. Premium lederhosen features high-quality embroidery thread with clean, precise stitches that showcase the complexity of the design. The embroidery is hand-done with a special technique in which the pattern is pricked into the leather and sewn.

Horn Buttons

Genuine horn buttons are a stamp of quality lederhosen. These buttons are unique and very durable. The smooth surface and natural luster of horn buttons add a touch of sophistication to the garment. Buttons made from deer, stag, or chamois horn are the most authentic look.

Hand-Cut Pockets

The pockets on the lederhosen are another area where quality shines. Premium lederhosen will have pockets that are hand-cut and precisely incorporated into the design. The edges are clean and finished, and the pockets are enough to hold essential items comfortably.  The knife pocket is another unique detail placed skillfully in the premium lederhosen.


The buttonhole in the regular lederhosen is nothing like the ones on the premium lederhosen. The cross-stitch pattern secures the buttholes cut in the premium leather breeches. 

Sackler Seam

One standout feature in premium-crafted lederhosen is the "Sackler seam." This special stitching technique makes the leather edges visible from the outside. A light-coloured leather strip is added between the seams for a stylish look.

The Reversible Stitching

Premium lederhosen is stitched, showcasing reversible stitching. This means the stitching looks perfect on both sides, showing how much care was put into it. Top-quality lederhosen has a gorgeous antique color blend with a special waxing method. This gives the leather a rich, old-fashioned look that makes it stand out.

3. The Higher Price Tag

Premium lederhosen is made only from deerskin, which costs more than any other type of hide. Deerskin is reserved for fancy products and premium lederhosen, among many others. These leather breeches usually range from 1000 to 2000 euros. The fancier the detailing on the leather pants, the higher the price.

4. The Specific Tanning Technique

Premium lederhosen is crafted from leather using a unique chamois tanning process. Unlike the faster and simpler chrome tanning, chamois tanning takes about three months and requires a lot of skill and dedication from the tanner. It involves using only natural materials, resulting in incredibly soft leather. Chamois-tanned leather is also excellent because it allows air to pass through easily.

Is Premium Lederhosen Worth It?

Yes, Premium Lederhosen is worth every penny since these leather shorts offer unparalleled durability, quality, detailing, and craftsmanship. Thus, the price tag for the Bavarian shorts is a little higher than that for regular shorts.


How to accessorize premium lederhosen for Oktoberfest?

Add all the accessories you would wear with the regular lederhosen. Compliment your lederhosen with a trachten shirt, authentic leather suspenders, or Bavarian leather belt. Complete the look with loferl socks and leather shoes/boots.

How to care for the Premium Lederhosen?

To increase the life of the premium lederhosen it is suggested to use only leather friendly products for cleaning. Air dry in shadow at room temperature and store in cool dry place only.

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