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What Shoes to Wear with Lederhosen?

What Shoes to Wear with Lederhosen?

Are you gearing up for Oktoberfest or just looking to embrace the timeless style of German Lederhosen? If so, you've probably got your Lederhosen ready, but there's one critical element that often gets overlooked - the perfect pair of Lederhosen shoes for men. Our blog is all about how you can navigate the world of Mens Lederhosen shoes. It is also known as Bavarian, Haferl, or Trachten shoes to ensure your Oktoberfest outfit is nothing short of authentic.

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A Key Ingredient in Your Oktoberfest Outfit

Before we delve into the specifics of Lederhosen shoes, it's important to understand that the right pair of shoes can make or break your Oktoberfest look. Lederhosen, the iconic Bavarian leather shorts, and dirndl dresses are traditional attire for this annual beer festival. To truly embrace the spirit of Oktoberfest, having the right footwear is essential.

Brown Lederhosen

Besides, it is also important to wear comfortable but authentic shoes because you might have to walk for long hours during the festival. So, pick a comfy one!

Types of Oktoberfest Footwear

Here is a list of Oktoberfest shoes

  • Haferl Shoes: These are one of the most authentic choices to pair with your Lederhosen. Haferl shoes are low-cut, lace-up leather shoes with decorative stitching. They're comfortable and durable, making them a popular choice for this festive occasion.
  • Trachten Shoes: They come in various styles, but they all share the essence of traditional Bavarian footwear. These shoes can be rustic or more modern, giving you flexibility in choosing a style that suits your Lederhosen.
  • Dirndl Shoes: These are traditionally worn with dirndl dresses; they can complement Lederhosen nicely, especially if you're attending Oktoberfest with a partner. They typically have a feminine touch, so consider this if you want a coordinated look.

Fact: Haferlschuhe is often worn with traditional Bavarian socks called Trachtensocken. Trachtensocken are typically made from wool and are decorated with colorful patterns.

Here is a list of styles you can make with your German outfit: 


  • Classic Look: If you want an authentic, classic appearance, go for Haferl shoes. They complement Lederhosen perfectly and will make you feel like a true Bavarian.
  • A Modern Twist: Trachten shoes are versatile and can bring a modern touch to your outfit. They come in various designs, so you can pick one that suits your style.
  • Couples' Coordination: If you're attending Oktoberfest as a couple and want to match your partner's dirndl dress, dirndl shoes for her, and Haferl footwear for you can create a charming look.

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Fun Fact: Haferl shoes were originally designed for hiking and outdoor activities in the Alpine region but have become synonymous with Bavarian attire.

Quick Glance at Oktoberfest Shoe Type with Ideal Outfit 

Let's have a look at the chart to provide a comprehensive guide:

Shoe Type 



Ideal Outfit Match 

Not Recommended 

Haferl Shoes 

Low-cut, lace-up with decorative stitching


Classic Lederhosen 

Formal attire 

Trachten Shoes 

Versatile traditional footwear


Modern Lederhosen or Trachten Outfits 


Dirndl Shoes 

Typically feminine, worn with dirndls 

Leather or Suede 

Dirndl dresses or coordinating with a partner's outfit

Formal Shoes 


Casual athletic shoes to avoid


Not recommended for traditional outfits 

Classic Lederhosen 

Formal Dress Shoes 

Overly formal for Oktoberfest 


Avoid this event 

All other outfits 


To Wrap It Up

To achieve an authentic Oktoberfest look, investing in the right pair of Lederhosen shoes is a must. Whether you go for Haferl or Trachten, your choice should align with your style and the look you want to achieve. Remember, it's all about celebrating the spirit of Oktoberfest and embracing the rich Bavarian tradition. So, put your best foot forward and enjoy the festivities in style!

Also, if you still want to know more about Oktoberfest, its outfit, cuisines, rides, activities, museums, and souvenirs? You can always visit our blogs section to learn all about this beer festival that covers everything if you want to experience some fun adventures! 

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