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Oktoberfest Outfits on a Budget: How to Look Great Without Breaking the Bank

Oktoberfest Outfits on a Budget: How to Look Great Without Breaking the Bank

You can totally still look the part if you don't want to spend money on a dirndl or lederhosen outfit for Oktoberfest (or maybe you left the planning a little late).

Just add a few Oktoberfest Accessories for Men and wear some of your own clothes or thrift store finds. Nowadays, you can DIY anything by simply searching Google or looking at social media for ideas.

Open up your closet, go thrifting, or organize a clothes swap with your friends to get ready for Oktoberfest with our DIY costume ideas.

Easy DIY Oktoberfest Costumes For Guys

In your low-cost DIY Men's Oktoberfest Costumes , you'll look larger than life and definitely won't be salty like a pretzel. Here’s what you need.

  • Shorts that are just above the knee or at the knee
  • A set of belt loops
  • A white t-shirt or gingham-print button-up shirt.
  • Knee-high white or beige socks
  • Dark-colored boots or dress shoes
  • A feathered felt hat
  • Making the perfect lederhosen
  • Traditionally, lederhosen shorts were made of leather, but these are difficult to find. You could purchase some old-fashioned leather pants and cut them into shorts.
  • If you can't find leather, look for shorts (or pants you can cut) in corduroy or plaid pattern fabrics, which best represent the rustic farmer wear style of Oktoberfest. Fabric glue to hem is the no-sew method to use if you have to cut pants into shorts.
  • Gingham is popular at Oktoberfest, so if you have or can find a gingham shirt, wear it. Other than that, plain white fits the theme. Just a heads up, you'll feel compelled to start yodeling when worn with leather or corduroy lederhosen.

Lederhosen Accessories 

Once you've gotten your Oktoberfest Socks, shirt, and shorts on the cheap, you can probably afford to spend a little extra on a few stylish accessories to finish off your look. The perfect Oktoberfest costume does include a hat.

Do you know that the practice of wearing feathers in hats dates back to the days when hunters would pluck a feather from their kill and put it in their hat? The better the hunter, the larger and more artistic the feather.

Your lederhosen will be complete with these incredibly stylish suspenders, as well as this outfit of hat, tie, and sunglasses. Dressing up for Oktoberfest is simple. Prost! In a hurry? For orders over $35, Oktoberfest Wear will include free express shipping when you purchase an Oktoberfest costume.

DIY Beer Wench Wear

What you need to do to become a flirty, feminine damsel in a dirndl is listed below.

  •  The traditional attire for peasants is just above or below the knee.
  •  Another option is to wear a loose white blouse with an A-line or round-cut skirt.
  •  A vest with buttons or a corset with laces
  •  Apron
  •  Thigh-high or knee-high stockings.
  •  Mary Janes in black
  •  Ribbon for hair tying and corset lacing

    DIY Dirndl Hints And Tips

    Making your own is the best way to avoid costume Deja Brew (spotting someone wearing the same dirndl) at the beer hall.

    • Cut the sleeves off an old, white business blouse to create a peasant-style top. Shimmy it into an off-the-shoulder peasant look by wearing the buttons low.
    • Another option is to use a white t-shirt that you're willing to give up to make an off the shoulder top. You can fold it or pull it down so it sits off the shoulder by cutting out the neck to make it wider.
    • Visit your neighborhood vintage shop to find A-line and flouncy skirts with regional designs reminiscent of the origins of Oktoberfest. If you find a skirt that is too short, you can always cut it to the proper length and use fabric glue to hem it.
    • Op shop velvet and satin skirt or dress find with brocade prints make the ideal choice for recreating this lovely dirndl look.
    • If you already own a dress, you might be able to put this dirndl look together because denim fabrics and floral patterns are in this spring. A scarf with a floral print can be folded into an apron and tied with ribbon around your waist.
    • A vest or waistcoat can be opened up at the front by folding it over or cutting it, then lacing it up with ribbon. Even old jeans can be used to create a corset belt similar to the one in this tutorial.
    • Use this number as inspiration before wearing a white top and a flowing black shirt that are both in your closet. A ravishing red apron can be made with cheap fabric.
    • This heavily red dirndl ensemble with a long, Bavarian babe skirt is another one that we adore. 

    Accessories within Your Means to Tie Everything Together

    Not only men can wear hats. There are naughtier variations available, and they go great with ladies rocking the dirndl.

    Remember to dress up your legs. When you do the chicken dance in knee-high stockings, you'll look adorable as all get-out. Are you prepared to create a DIY Oktoberfest costume without spending a fortune?

    Hello, more money for beer! Shop the full selection of Oktoberfest wear right now.

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