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Oktoberfest Celebration in Wyoming

From September to October, different cities around Wyoming in the U.S. come alive with lively music, colorful Bavarian clothes, dance to folk music, and mouthwatering German foods. It’s a celebration that brings everyone together and is a great way to teach respect and appreciation for other cultures.

Dates: 24 September-21 October

Timings: 2 PM-10 PM

Location: Jackson Hole, Casper, Saratoga and Cheyenne

Wyoming Oktoberfest Major Locations

Different Oktoberfest celebrations are held around the cities in Wyoming. Each event closely mimics the Munich Wiesn. Some of them are;

Jackson Hole, Wyoming Oktoberfest

The first Oktoberfest in Jackson Hole took place in 2012. Jackson Hole Oktoberfest is an annual event in Jackson Hole, Wyoming, nestled in the beautiful Teton Range, and offers an ideal backdrop to the cultural festivities. Four hours of music provided by the Polka Band and the Hof Band adds a festive touch to the atmosphere. Tickets are $35, including four drink tokens, a gondola ride, and a memorable pint glass for the first 500 people.

Casper, Wyoming Oktoberfest

Casper is one of the famous locations in the US regarding Oktoberfest celebrations. 

Organized by Casper Events Centre, this event started in Casper in 2018, lasts up to two days, and takes place in September. A vendor market and corn hole tournaments are part of the Casper Oktoberfest, which adds even more fun aside from the beer, food, and music that are part of most Oktoberfest celebrations.

Saratoga, Wyoming Oktoberfest

A beautiful blend of American West and Bavarian culture, Saratoga Oktoberfest takes place at Saratoga Hot Springs Resort. It features Colorado and Wyoming brewers along with German breweries. For people who prefer a more laid-back and relaxed experience, Saratoga, with its hot springs, would be a perfect choice.

Wyoming Oktoberfest Timing

The festival starts in the early afternoon, around 2 PM, and continues to 10-11 PM. This timing gives the attendees the perfect opportunity to experience the festivities under daylight and evening skies.

Activities and Entertainment

A vibrant and enjoyable environment awaits you at the Wyoming Oktoberfest. Some highlights include:

  • Beers and Wine: You can immerse yourself in the rich flavors of beers like Märzen and Dunkel or wines like Riesling and Gewürztramine.
  • Local Bands: Local bands and musicians perform at the Wyoming Oktoberfestfest throughout the day and keep the audience entertained. 
  • German Food: Authentic German cuisines like Bratwursts and soft Pretzels are available at almost every stall.
  • Games and Contests: Stein-holding competitions for strength testing and costume contests to show off that Bavarian attire and earn awards.
  • Polka Dance: It's a German customary dance to enjoyable music enjoyed by people of all ages.
  • Kid’s Section: The kids' section includes different activities and games for kids, like pumpkin painting and bouncy houses

Food and Drink:

Wyoming offers many yummy Bavarian foods that will make you swoon. From the savory delight of Bratwursts to hearty Pretzels and Sauerket, there’s something for everyone.

Dress Code:

Traditional Bavarian attire, such as Dirndl dresses for women and Lederhosen for men, is encouraged to embrace the festive spirit of Oktoberfest. Still, you can also wear anything you are comfortable in. 

Men’s Lederhosen consists of an embroidered shirt called "Trachtenhemd," knee-high socks, and sturdy footwear like Haferlschuh. Women can opt for a classic dirndl featuring a bodice, blouse, skirt, and apron paired with stockings and comfortable shoes. 

There are also Oktoberfest costume contests, which allow participants to show off the creative twists they have added to their Bavarian attire.

Wyoming Oktoberfest Dates & Duration 

Spread across nearly a month, Wyoming Oktoberfest spans from September 24th to October 21st. This timeframe allows attendees to participate in the rich cultural atmosphere and enjoy themselves for as long as they want.

Oktoberfest's celebrations in Wyoming are a great way to experience German culture and tradition without going to Germany. So, if you’re looking for a fun-filled way to spend your evening, check out these events and enjoy the diverse German culture.  


Where and when is the Wyoming Oktoberfest held?

Wyoming Oktoberfest occurs in popular locations like Jackson Hole, Casper, and Saratoga between mid-morning and early evening.

Does the Wyoming Oktoberfest have an entry fee?

Most Oktoberfest events are free to attend, but this depends on the organizers of the specific event. Therefore, it's good to visit their website for more information.

Can you bring food and drinks outside to the Oktoberfest celebrations in Wyoming?

Outside food and drinks are generally not allowed at Oktoberfest celebrations due to vendor agreements and licensing regulations; however, you’ll have plenty of food and drink options from stalls and vendors.

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