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Celebrating Oktoberfest Festival In New Hampshire

New Hampshire is one of the most educated states in the US, so it's only fitting that it is also accepting of other cultures. Various locations in New Hampshire host some of the coolest Oktoberfest celebrations, and you won’t want to miss them. 

The stunning views of New Hampshire, combined with the fall season and Oktoberfest celebrations, make it an irresistible festival for those who want to experience the Bavarian Alps without leaving the United States.

Locations of New Hampshire Oktoberfest Events

Experience the rich tradition and heart-warming hospitality of Oktoberfest at these locations in New Hampshire: 

  • Hampton: Smuttynose Brewing Company-105 Towle Farm Rd
  • Bartlett: 775 US-302, Attitash Mountain Resort, Bartlett
  • Lincoln: White Mountain Range
  • Littleton: Schilling Beer Co. 18 Mill St, Littleton, NH 03561

Some Major Oktoberfest Celebrations in New Hampshire

New Hampshire is among the best regions in the United States to attend Oktoberfest.

Oktoberfest Hampton, New Hampshire

In Hampton, New Hampshire, a famous brewery named Smuttynose has been brewing exceptional beers since 1994, when Peter Egelston and Joanne Francis founded it. The Oktoberfest celebrations, inspired by the German Oktoberfest, started being celebrated at Smuttynose around the late 1990s and have been going strong ever since.

Oktoberfest Attitash Mountain Resort, New Hampshire

The Attitash Mountain Resort is a ski area located in New Hampshire that celebrated its first Oktoberfest in 1997. The celebrations start mainly over a weekend in October or Late September and involve a 5k run with the annual Hills and Hops, which covers the base areas of both Attitash and Bear Peak.

The festival grounds offer traditional Oktoberfest, food, music by Ludwig’s band, and German drinks. 19 local and regional breweries are served at the festival grounds, adding to the merry atmosphere.

Oktoberfest Lincoln, New Hampshire

The Lincoln Oktoberfest at the White Mountains is free to enter from October 12 to 14. It starts at 11 a.m. Daily activities such as axe-throwing, face-painting, pretzel necklaces, and touch–trucks keep people of all ages engaged throughout the evening. 

Other entertainments at the White Mountains Oktoberfest include live music, food, beer gardens, and classic free-fall games like Stein Carryin' and Keg Rollin' Relay.

Dates and Time of Oktoberfest New Hampshire

Oktoberfest in New Hampshire generally occurs at the end of September and October, but the exact dates vary from event to event.

  • Hampton: October ( usually lasts 3-4 days)
  • Littleton: September-October ( 4 days a week)
  • Bartlett: October ( two days over the weekend)
  • Lincoln: October 12-14 (2 days)

Oktoberfest New Hampshire Tickets and Reservations

Entrance to most Oktoberfest events in New Hampshire is free; however, some events may cost $31- $50

Another point to note is that if the festival entrance is free, you’d need to buy beers and food separately, unlike Munich Oktoberfest, where it is included in the entrance ticket.

Dress Code for Oktoberfest New Hampshire

You can even wear jeans and a t-shirt at the New Hampshire Oktoberfest, as there is no definite dress code. However, for those who are more into historical and traditional stuff, lederhosen is the outfit for men. It includes sturdy (Miendel) German walking boots, full-length or rolled-down mountain socks, leather pants, and a nice chequered shirt with braces/suspenders.

In the Bavarian regions, women wear a dirndl dress, which consists of a skirt, blouse, bodice, and an apron. You can even wear clothes similar to these from your wardrobe. The key is that whatever you choose to wear, be sure you are comfortable in it so you can properly enjoy the festival, which involves a lot of dancing and walking.

Tips for Making the Most of Oktoberfest New Hampshire

  • Oktoberfest is more fun with a group than alone, so try to go with a group of your friends or family.
  • Always keep cash with you. Although many vendors accept cards for smaller purchases like food or souvenirs, it’s better to have cash on hand.
  • The event tends to get crowded at peak hours, so arrive early.
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