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Is Oktoberfest Wheelchair Accessible?

Oktoberfest is known for its inclusivity. The organizers of the Beerfest make sure the festival is accessible not only to all people with different abilities but also to wheelchair-bound attendees. All the tents provide special barrier-free entry/exit entrances for convenience. Special arrangements are carried for people in wheelchairs. 

Barrier-Free Access at Oktoberfest

Oktoberfest offers accessibility to its wheelchair users in multifold ways. Some of the Wheelchair accessibility that Beerfest provides are; 

Oktoberfest Tent Fun for Wheelchair Attendees 

All the Oktoberfest tents offer one wheelchair-accessible, barrier-free entrance with a wheelchair spot. 20 wheelchair-accessible spots are reserved inside the tent, and 20 beer gardens are available in all the large tents. Käfer's Wiesn- Schänke and Weinzelt have 10 spots saved in the tent and beer garden.

All the seats are vacant for wheelchair users until 5 pm on the weekdays and 2 pm on the weekends and special holidays like “German Unity Day.” Small tents also have designated spaces for the handicapped. 

When the tents are overcrowded, only reserved wheelchair users can be admitted to the closed small and large tents. All 17 large and 21 small beer tents have disabled WCs. These disabled toilets are equipped with a “standardized locking system,” which can be used with the help of an “EURO key.” 

Wheelchair Access to the Carnival Rides

The Bavarian State State Ministry for Family, Labor, and Safety awarded the large Ferris wheel at Oktoberfest as "Bavaria barrier-free.” With the help of a ramp, the giant carnival ride is accessible to those using walkers or wheelchairs. The ramp leading to the station area meets accessibility and safety standards.

All the children's rides are designed to cater to the ones with disabilities. Besides the ramp with which children ride, the children’s carousel ride is equipped to be suitable for little ones with disabilities. A lap belt retrain system is added to the “Children's Dream Loop.”

Food and Drink at Beer and Snack Bar

Depending on the stand's location, wheelchair access is provided at the snack stands and beer taps. Beer bars provide special services to the disabled along with the toilet. People in wheelchairs are recommended to check “low sale counters” for easier shopping, like:

  • Golden Cockerel" (Wirtsbudenstraße 69)
  • the street sale at Käfer's Wiesn Schänke (Matthias-Pschorr-Straße 12)
  • the duck fryer and Poschner chicken (Wirtsbudenstraße 47)
  • Herzmalerei heartshape gingerbread as a souvenir (Straße10/5)

Taps for Drinking Water

Barrier-free access to the drinking water is provided at five different locations throughout the beer fairground. Although glass water bottles are not permitted inside the Beerfest, shatterproof vessels can be brought to fill the water. These drinking vessels are not allowed inside the tents, though. The drinking fountains are outside the WC facilities behind the Wine Tent and the eastern delivery road (the parallel road between Wirtestrasse and Schaustellerstraße).

Wheelchair Accessible Public Transport to Oktoberfest

Getting to the Oktoberfest venue for the guests in wheelchairs using public transportation is a breeze. All the stations connecting to the Beerfest have escalators for people with limited mobility. 

  • U4/U5: Theresienwiese and Schwanthalerhöhe
  • U3/U6: Goetheplatz and Poccistraße
  • U4/U5, S-Bahn S7 / S20: Heimeranplatz
  • S-Bahn: Hackerbrücke

“The MVG Fahrinfo München” app can be used to find the details about the operational lifts. 

Limited Mobility Guest Parking

There are sufficient disabled parking spaces available in the southern part of the Theresienwiese (entrance via Hans-Fischer-Strasse).  A blue parking permit is needed, which entitles wheelchair-bound guests to free parking.

Other Barrier-free Servies at Beerfest

There are many amenities available throughout the Beerfest ground for guests with disability.

Festival Ground Public Disabled WC

Six barrier-free toilets are available throughout the festival grounds apart from the beer bars, carnival rides, and tents. These toilets can also be used via the “EURO key.”

  • Festival management entrance, in the Service Center Theresienwiese (SZT), 
  • Behind the puppet theater on the grounds of the Oidn Wiesn
  • At the Esperantoplatz entrance
  • In front of the Marstall tent, just after the main entrance on the right, Behind the Bräurosl
  • In street C, opposite exit OW 2 of the Oide Wiesn
  • Near the disabled parking lot is a "toilet for all" at the intersection of Straße D/ Straße 6. 

Free Wheelchair Rental 

Two free wheelchairs can be obtained for limited mobility guests against a photo ID card deposit. Wheelchairs can be collected from the luggage storage facilities at the Hans-Fischer-Straße entrances on the southern part of the Theresienwiese (G 10) and near the main entrance (G1). To be safe, making a reservation via calling the official number is recommended. 

Oktoberfest Tour 

Wheelchair-bound guests can book the tour of Oktoberfest via the Munich Tourism Department. The tour can be booked individually or in groups. 

Wrapping It Up!

Oktoberfest organizers make sure to keep the spirit of inclusivity alive. Well-organized wheelchair-accessible arrangements are made throughout Wiesn. A special disabled toilet, accessibility in the beer bar and food stall, free wheelchair rentals, and accessible carnival ride make  “Oktoberfest Wheelchair Accessible.”

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