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Mini Dirndl Dress- A Cheekiest Version for Oktoberfest

Among all the variations or versions of the Bavarian dirndls, the mini dirndl dress is definitely the cheekiest, sexiest, and the coolest version. What makes it a showstopper is the slightly shorter length of the skirt, which barely touches the knee area. This version is perfect for all those girls and ladies who wish to show more leg. At Dirndl Online Shop, you will simply fall in love with our beautiful, playful variety of mini dirndls available at unbeatable prices!

The mini version of the dirndl dress got its name from the difference in length it offers. For the mini dirndl dress in our mini dirndl dress online shop, the length of the skirt is usually 50-60cm long. Whereas the traditional length has a length of about 80cm. Note that dirndl dresses in our store measuring over 60cm are the midi dirndl. 

The Mini Dirndl Dress for Oktoberfest

While the dirndl has a long history, dating back to the 19th century, the mini dirndl is a relatively newer version of the once famous Bavarian trachten dress. The earlier versions were worn by maids, which were often in cotton or linen fabric. However, young ladies discovered the mini version as a summer dress, ideal for summer. Eventually, this trend moved on to the elite class and these garments got elaborate details and better finishes.

Over the years, the mini dirndl took its spot as a version popular among younger women. Today this trend is common on events like Oktoberfest. At our Dirndl Online Shop, we bring these versions available in our mini dirndl dress for sale category. These feature amazing details, like deep round neck cuts to enhance the cleavage, short fluffy sleeves, a waist level skirt, heart patterns, extravagant fabric like satin, silk, and you can pair this with a matching apron. 

Traditional Mini Dirndl Dress for Sale

Our selection of mini dirndl dresses is perfect for all those women who wish to look playful and seductive at the same time. We have these in an array of vibrant, bright, bold colors, along with contrasting combinations. To have a minimal effect, you can choose mini dirndl for sale available in other subtle colors.

Rest assured that we have the best sale offers, avail upto 50% off on some of the sexiest looking dirndl dresses in our store! Explore now and choose the best one that suits your personality.