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Get your stein ready for the celebration! Dress up in your very own Oktoberfest costumes, have a blast at the traditional Bavarian festival. At Oktoberfest Wear, we carry a selection of Beerfest dresses in a wide range of sizes and styles for men, women, and a variety of traditional authentic Oktoberfest lederhosen. Pick us for all your Oktoberfest and Beerfest costume needs.

Oktoberfest has evolved into a humongous folk festival over the years, and there are ample reasons for you to celebrate Oktoberfest with its complete garb. A great reason to stay connected or to explore the German history and ancestry or simply a good reason to grab yourself a pint of your favorite beer. We believe that the best reason for them all is that you can wear one of the many amazing Oktoberfest costumes.  

Beerfest dresses 2021 – your one-stop-shop 

We at Oktoberfest Wear carry a full range of Oktoberfest costumes for the occasion; find the product that suits your style of merriment. If you're a sophisticated young man looking to celebrate, we carry a vast collection of traditional Bavarian-style authentic Lederhosen. Also, we have traditional Mens Bundhosen; choose from our diverse selection of costumes and make your experience at this Oktoberfest one to never forget.

Beerfest dresses for women at our online shop include a wide-ranging variety of Women's Lederhosen and Dirndl dress. We carry a selection, both traditional dirndl dresses, and modern midi dirndl dresses. Our women's collection is paired with our beautiful line of Oktoberfest costume accessories for women. Be it beautiful aprons or traditional German footwear. Our selection is extensive, and it is very easy for you to craft your own unique style statement for Oktoberfest.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Beerfest dresses 2021 today from us and benefit from our fantastic sale.

What is Beerfest?

Germany is well-known for its diverse and lively festivals, which are more than only beer festivals. Usually, these festivals are not only for drinking beer; they are funfairs and sometimes folk festivals. Many of these festivals go back centuries and have their origins in the old parish local fairs, markets and trade fairs, or other historical reasons. The festivals in South-West Germany are widely connected with wine rather than beer. The largest beer festival is traditionally Oktoberfest, which is not only celebrated in Germany but all over the world.

In addition to Oktoberfest, several other smaller beer festivals are held all around Germany, that too throughout the year. The second-largest beer festival in Germany and possibly Europe is the Cannstatter Volksfest. It begins one week after the Oktoberfest and is very similar in character to Oktoberfest. It's a rapidly growing festival with its popularity increasing with more and more people worldwide visiting it yearly.

Range of Beerfest dresses at Oktoberfest Wear

Our collection of Beerfest dresses 2021 caters to men and women of all sizes, preferences, and styles. Your dream Beerfest dresses are just a click away. Our online shop is a vast platform catering to all your Beerfest costume needs and wants.

Lederhosen was once a farmer's workwear that has evolved into leisure clothing due to its unique character, comfortability, and look. Our lederhosen is made from the finest leather, in both long and short knee-length. Lederhosen became mainstream outfits after the Bavarian nobility endorsed the outfit in their social class. 

Mens bundhosen, a traditional Oktoberfest costume for men, is available in multiple genuine leather shades, with intricate embroidery and precise cuts. Bundhosen are shorter in length compared to lederhosen. We carry a complete selection of traditional bundhosen, in high-quality leather and corduroy, available in multiple colors and designs. 

Eventually, Oktoberfest lederhosen and bundhosen became synonymous with Oktoberfest. Get your very own Lederhosen or Bundhosen from our store today. Shop online. 

Dirndl dress are usually form-fitting, and snug to the body, adorned with traditional silk or cotton gingham apron. Dirndl blouses have puffy sport sleeves and a fitting bodice. Create your very own Oktoberfest costume, browse through our vast collection of dirndl outfits. Mix and match colors and materials, whatever catches your fancy. Our dirndl dresses are uniquely comfortable and durable with precise stitching and overlock. We use the finest fabrics for our products. 

Women's lederhosen collection at Oktoberfest Wear is another one-of-a-kind product line that offers authentic lederhosen for women. Our women's lederhosen are beautifully crafted, fitting the wearer beautifully. Women wanting to make a strong statement at Oktoberfest can pair their lederhosen with our selection of tracht blouses that come in a variety of colors and cuts. Or, if you are looking for a casual yet trendy look, pair your lederhosen with a plain t-shirt. 

While looking for a women's lederhosen, always remember that a perfect fit could make or break your perfect Oktoberfest costume look. Our online shop carries products available in different sizes, all ready to be shipped to you. 

All logistics of your shopping are handled by our amazing support staff, so that you don’t have to worry about a thing.

We offer diverse varieties of Beerfest dresses 2021 costumes for women. Depending on your playful mood and style, we craft products just for you. Make your pick now, take advantage of our all-inclusive sale. Get ready for the fantastic Oktoberfest celebrations.