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Indulge in finer luxury with this traditional Lederhosen vest collection at Oktoberfest wear. Authentic Men's vests are designed for Oktoberfest and all-year-around use too. The vests pair beautifully with Lederhosen, Bundhosen, and short Lederhosen. Wear the vest with a milk-white shirt and rock the Oktoberfest this year.  Show your style – and read the sizing charts carefully for a more comfortable fit and look. Remember, quality clothing is always a style statement. 

Men’s German vest

Oktoberfest is one of the largest festivals in Bavaria. Considering the weather, you might need something to keep you warm – without ruining the authentic traditional look – the men’s Oktoberfest vest is the perfect choice for you. 

Men’s Oktoberfest Vest

A suave waistcoat can become the highlight of your Lederhosen ensemble, especially if you are going for a traditional all-Bavarian look to blend in with the locals.  Factually, the Trachten waistcoats were a part of the Bavarian working class's daily wear while working in the fields of the mountainous regions. These days the waistcoats have undergone a revival and come out as the most popular part of an Oktoberfest costume.  Indulge in our Extensive Collection of Waistcoats  At Oktoberfest wear, we carry a wide selection of Trachten waistcoats, ranging from traditional variants to ultra-modern and casual styles. Our waistcoats are handmade by our artisans employing traditional techniques and materials. 

Traditional Lederhosen Vest 

We use premium quality high-fiber-count velvet to make our waistcoats. The materials used in our waistcoats are naturally flexible and comfortable. Nonetheless, the stuff  we use is quite hard-wearing and sturdy, providing an elegant look – definitely an item to pass on to the next generations.  Waistcoats at our online shop are available in various colors, ranging from the traditional browns and beiges to the ultra-modern black and grey! These products are available in many sizes – we suggest thoroughly going through the sizing chart.  Our waistcoats are lined with comfortable silk-satin lining, are beautifully finished with amazing stitching, and embellished with traditional stag horn-like rustic buttons for a more authentic feel.  

Wearing Trachten Waistcoats

Traditionally, the Trachten waistcoats are worn without the Lederhosen suspenders. Our waistcoats are charming and fit for wearing with traditional or ultra-modern Lederhosen variants and a matching pair of traditional Bavarian shoes. 

Want to spice up your look? 

Pair these waistcoats with a jacket and a pair of denim jeans with a t-shirt for an extremely modern and casual look. This look is perfect for a night out.  Our waistcoats are beautifully crafted and a great way to add a special something to your outfit and enhance your look. Please browse through our extensive collection and pick a waistcoat that speaks to your sense of style.