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Only a few select shoes can be paired with a traditional Bavarian outfit – well, if you are not a traditionalist, you can extend your choices too.  We carry a broad selection of Lederhosen shoes in various styles, lace types, openings, and colors. The most popular color for Bavarian shoes is the traditional brown or black. Traditional Lederhosen shoes in dark brown color hue can be paired with any type and color of outfit – a complete package if you will. Pair the brown traditional German shoes with any color of Lederhosen, be it green or brown.  For our black Lederhosen, we recommend wearing the black Bavarian suede shoes. 

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Our Lederhosen shoes are incredibly comfortable to wear; these are lined with comfortable, breathable layers. Besides, suede leather is quite supple and comfortable to wear. Shoes at Oktoberfest and Beerfest are expected to be sturdy, considering the extent of mingling and dancing that goes with the festivals. Shoes at Oktoberfest wear a thick rubber sole making them extremely durable. In addition to being sturdy, our shoes are designed to offer optimum comfort to the wearer –so your feet can stand the extensive exertion. Our shoe variants come with multi-contrast shading and embroidery – and are hand-stitched, making them a premium must-have item.  Traditional German shoes at our online store ooze of class and magnificence, offering you a long-lasting sense of pride and joy when you wear them. The laces in a few styles are sideways – like the authentic and traditional Bavarian footwear. 

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Are you looking to jazz up your Oktoberfest look? Add a perfect pair of Bavarian shoes to your outfit and your daily wardrobe. You can wear these shoes for any occasion – casual or otherwise – and you will look amazingly stylish and hip.  At Oktoberfest, there are hardly any people who haven’t dressed for the occasion. If you want to enjoy the basic crust and traditional charm of the largest Bavarian-German event, we suggest getting yourself a complete ensemble that fits the occasion. 

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Our shoes are enjoyed by both men and women alike; our female customers also love getting these shoes as these are getting popular and trendy by the minute. Women love to combine traditional German shoes with their German costumes as well as with their Dirndl outfits.  Whether you are a suave man or a classy-bold woman, our Lederhosen shoes are a perfect choice for you and especially for your Oktoberfest look. Don’t miss out on these fantastic handmade classics – get yours today!