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Short Lederhosen for men is a perfect choice for classy men, and not only for Oktoberfest!

The Lederhosen, a.k.a. ‘Krachlederne,’ has always been an important part of the Alpine and Bavarian culture and traditional outfits. You can find long or short Lederhosen in the market and online, and the Lederhosen are either knee-length or knee-length. In the olden days, knee-length leather trousers were especially kept for festivities and church events and a part of a daily leisure outfit. 

German Short Pants 

Moving along rough Alpine and mountainous terrain is always better in shorter Lederhosen; this is why these were used for hiking, hunting, and working in the fields. The Alpine herdsmen and mountain men always preferred the shorter version of Lederhosen. 

This garment is made from soft and supple genuine natural leather, mostly from deer, mountain goats, or cows. Traditionally these are made in brown hues. The artistic collection at Oktoberfest wear is full of an array of different gorgeous colors for you to choose from. Pick out your favourite from light to dark brown, walnut brown, or hazelnut brown. We also carry the exclusive black and grey Lederhosen in our selection – so there is something for every taste and style. 

A modern take on the Short Lederhosen 

Lederhosen has conquered the modern fashion world with their old-world charm and charisma—especially the short Lederhosen. The traditional Bavarian outfit consists of a Lederhosen paired with a crisp white shirt or a checkered shirt. 

Stylish men are now pairing the shorter Lederhosen with hoodies and printed t-shirts. If you pair the outfit with a denim jacket or leather jacket, you will surely give out the rock vibes. 

Combine your look with a pair of traditional Bavarian socks which go up to your knees or claves. Pair this look with traditional suede Bavarian shoes, or go for some trendy high-shoes that will only add to the rustic-modern look you are going for. 

You can pair your outfit with a traditional Bavarian hat and other male jewelry, attach them to the front flaps of the shorts. 

Buy Short Lederhosen 

Short Lederhosen collection at Oktoberfest wear symbolizes elite and rustic class. Pick out your outfit today and pair it with the trendy hip elements of the fashion ramp. A look of rustic charm complimented by the natural genuine leather and accessories is all the rage. 

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