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The traditional Bavarian Oktoberfest dress isn’t just about women dirndls; with unique accessories like the woolly lederhosen socks, the men’s Oktoberfest garb is even more enjoyable. The striking trachten socks are a dazzler for the toned calf: Oktoberfest socks for lederhosen are essential to the Oktoberfest outfit, just as the Oktoberfest shoes. The shorter lederhosen are best paired with classic Bavarian socks. Our class-apart comfortable men’s Bavarian socks are worn up to the knee, where they are tied. We carry many variations of the traditional Oktoberfest socks; pair our beautiful trachten socks with rustic Bavarian shoes, or sport them on a cozy night by the wood fire. Our Oktoberfest socks are famous for their excellent quality. We use a high cotton percentage in our socks, making them comfortable to wear and highly durable. Our trachten socks are easy to clean and store, plus they are odor resistant. The epitome of masculinity; the Bavarian socks are available at our store in different designs and patterns, both in knee-length socks and half calf length, eloquently paired with traditional Bavarian shoes.   

Trachten Socks – Oktoberfest Wear

The best part of your Oktoberfest look is that it can be handsomely finished with our range of Lederhosen socks. A must-have accessory to don with your traditional lederhosen, pair them with your rugged yet beautifully designed Bavarian shoes to complete a picture-perfect look for this year’s Oktoberfest.   Don’t miss out on our traditional trachten socks; lederhosen are traditionally adorned with these authentic socks. The same could be said about the Bavarian shoes. The many variations of our high-cut, knee-length trachten socks not only look amazing with their beautiful colors but also help frame every toned calf. Our socks are excellent heat protectors; with an ever-changing temperature at Oktoberfest, these socks will have you covered while looking perfect, with lederhosen pants and shoes. A genuine Bavarian tradition that is still in practice for its look and fantastic practicality. Explore our collection of authentic men’s Bavarian socks. A important accessory of your lederhosen, made with care and quality; just a click away.   

Our Collection of Men’s Bavarian Socks

At Oktoberfest Wear we showcase two different yet common types of trachten socks for men. As aforementioned, we have traditional knee-length socks in a wide range of colors. Secondly, our Loferl variations come in two pieces, the ankle-length and the other piece that covers the calf. All our sock collection has exclusive colors and patterns made of 100% wool. These socks are our trademark in comfortability. Our socks have distinct Bavarian and Alpine decorative designs. We value your comfort and fashion identity, and our trachten socks are made from the highest quality wool, delivering you’re the best possible comfort, all of this while keeping you in style.   Make your slection based on your own unique preference. We offer products that are designed keeping you in consideration.   

Oktoberfest Socks for Lederhosen

Feel free to browse our expansive store, look through our assortment of Bavarian socks available in amazing colors, that is including the classic red, black, beige, and a variety of other unique colors and patterns. Long hours at Oktoberfest, walking, socializing, and generally having the time of your life can be made more comfortable by wearing our trachten socks. Designed with your comfort as a priority, our unique socks prevent your feet from blisters and make your experience a relaxed one. Would you mind taking advantage of sale items at our store? Hundreds of products are available for you to choose from; make your pick and enjoy the quality products at a lesser price. All products are securely packed before dispatch. Your very own Lederhosen products and their accessories are just a click away.