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Bavarian Lederhosen shirt – The Premium Product

Masculine and debonair, our Bavarian Lederhosen Shirt collection is class apart. Our Bavarian shirts are made with the finest cotton fabric, and exclusive stitching is used with overlock to deliver you world-class finesse. The fabric fiber we use is naturally sweat-resistant and prevents odor. Our Bavarian shirts are masterpieces making them a must-have in modern man’s apparel.

 Pair the shirt with your traditional lederhosen or the bundhosen. Traditionally a lederhosen shirt, they can still be paired with your everyday attire, sparking up your sophisticated look. Our Bavarian shirts cater to every style need, however orthodox or contemporary. Have it at our extensive range of checkered shirts; make your pick.

 Men’s checkerd shirts – A posh Oktoberfest collection  

A Bavarian lederhosen shirt conventionally boasts a checkered pattern that is native to Bavaria. Men’s checkerd shirts at Oktoberfest Wear come in both small-sized and large-sized checkered patterns. The core style statement of Bavarian shirts is typically red, green, and blue, and sometimes a plain white shirt is opted to frame the beauty of traditional lederhosen.

Our stock caters to all these varieties, all ready to be shipped, available in all sizes and cuts.

 Our lederhosen shirt collection is perfect to pair with our select variety of lederhosen, owing to diverse checkered patterns and styles. The check patterns range from fine to big and bold. Our Bavarian shirts come with the option of roll-up sleeves, a strap button, to secure the sleeves in place. A handy feature to power-through weather when you mingle at the Oktoberfest.

 Men’s checkerd shirts are kept minimalist and manly in spirit. Our Bavarian shirts sport a discrete breast pocket and set of bucolic staghorn style buttons, telling the story of native Germany; in a flowing style. The impeccable Bavarian shirts at Oktoberfest Wear are made out of fine hand-combed cotton, offering top-of-the-line comfort to the wearer.

 Choose our Bavarian lederhosen shirt – A Oktoberfest classic

Our chic checkered shirts are a sure head-turner, giving you a confident gait while you socialize at Oktoberfest. Let by lookers marvel at your charisma, while feeling comfortable in your skin. Our products come with profound attention to detail, and we never compromise on your comfort.

Browse our collection and find a product that speaks to you and tells your style story. Benefit from our wide-ranging collection, that too, available at affordable prices.